Retail Partner Program

How many sales are you missing out on?

Offer international shipping at lower rates and close more sales with new global customers—without the hassle of customs, duties, or taxes.

The global eCommerce market is projected to grow. Sounds great. Except, you don’t offer international shipping.

It’s understandable. Offering international shipping comes with an added expense. Plus, there’s the hassle of customs, extra taxes, and unexpected duties. But every time a non-US shopper fills out their shipping information, they see that you don’t deliver to their country. Cart abandoned. Sale lost.

So, we ask, “why miss out on all that extra business?

Maybe you didn’t know a business like us existed – a business that can forward your products to global shoppers at a low international shipping fee. So, now you can grow your business globally and watch your cart abandonment rates drop.



What is the Retail Partner Program?

As a Retail Partner, you use Stackry as your global shipping hub and that helps you close more sales with new customers in over 200 countries without having to worry about the headaches that come with international shipping. All for free.

  1. Reduce cart abandonment from international customers
  2. With your new delivery address, you will need to contact your Credit Card company and add your Stackry address to your account.
  3. Start shopping and have your packages shipped to your Stackry address
  4. Your Stackry account will allow you to manage all your shopping in one application, and choose the shipping method that meets your needs.

Button: links to the How to sign up section] Start closing more sales with international customers



How It Works

You have options to help you sell more to global shoppers.

A) Send your international orders to your Stackry shipping address and we’ll take care of the rest. Your global customers fill out the order form like normal while you save on shipping and never deal with customs.

  1. Open an account with Stackry (it’s free).
  2. Fulfill orders as you normally would for international customers.
  3. Send your shipments to your Stackry address.
  4. Use Stackry’s intuitive website to direct your shipments to their international destinations.

That’s it. We’ll ship your order to your customers and take care of the foreign taxes, duties, and Customs.

Special offer: You can automate your international shipping by connecting your store to Stackry’s API. It’s only offered with select retailers.

If you’re interested in Integrating your retail store directly with Stackry, contacting as at [email protected]

B) Deliver to global shoppers without offering international shipping

You can still close orders with global shoppers without the fuss of setting up international delivery on your retail store.

  1. Add a short javascript code snippet to your shipping page. This will show a banner that says, “Want to ship internationally?”
  2. When a customer clicks on the banner, a pop-up will appear showing a simple description of Stackry’s service and two buttons —“Sign-up” and “Already a Stackry Customer.”
  3. Customers can then sign-up for Stackry right in that pop-up or they can login to their account.
  4. Once finished, the pop-up will close and the Stackry shipping address for that customer will be automatically populated into your shipping form.

Start shipping to international customers with Stackry by contacting us at [email protected]



How to sign up?

To get started as a retail partner, contact us at [email protected]. A shipping expert will help you create a free Stackry account so you can reach a new market of global customers.