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Stackry works with major international shipping carriers including DHL, Fedex, Aramex and USPS. Enter your package dimensions and weight for estimated shipping cost and carrier availability in your country or territory.

Learn more about optional Stackry services that can help you SAVE BIG on international shipping:

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Changes in weight, dimensions, item value, and product classification can impact your final quote.


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Your Questions Answered

How much does international shipping cost?

International shipping cost varies by location, international shipping carrier and service level (express, priority, etc...). The final shipping price is also dependent on the size and weight of your package. Estimate final shipping cost by using the Stackry shipping calculator. The best way to save on international shipping is to consolidate multiple packages into one convenient and cost effective shipment. Learn about how you can Save with Stackry. Stackry also offers a variety of services to meet any additional shipping needs. You can see a full list of services and pricing here

Are duties and taxes included in Stackry's shipping price?

Stackry shipping costs do not include additional taxes. Duties and taxes vary by country. For a quick and easy way to estimate taxes and duties, visit the Simply Duty import calculator. For more information about the duties and taxes in your home country, please check your local customs office.

Are there specific items that Stackry won't ship?

See Stackry's Prohibited Items page for more information, and contact if you have questions about a specific item before you ship to Stackry. Stackry prohibits any items which are prohibited by any laws, regulations, or statutes of any federal, state, or local government of any country through which the shipment may be carried. Any items that would require Stackry to obtain a special license to transport the shipment are also prohibited. Finally, Stackry prohibits items that would damage equipment, personnel, or other packages.