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From package consolidation to free storage, learn how Stackry can help you save on international shipping


Love Stackry for my international shopping

Awesome job and experience as always! I buy from a number of retailers and vintage shops. I have it all delivered and consolidated into one package at Stackry and then shipped to my home in the UK. I save on packaging costs, and ultimately shipping as I pay once for international delivery instead of 5-10 times.


– Andrew H., 8/3/2023

Save BIG with Stackry’s Package Consolidation Service

Three boxes, each containing only one product, with lots of extra space

Individual Retailer Package Shipping Costs


Three 12x12x6 in., 5lb packages shipped to U.K.


One box packed efficiently with the same three products

Stackry Consolidated Shipping Costs


One 10x10x6 in., 15lb package shipped to U.K.

More Ways to Save with Stackry

  • Re-pack and Save

    Stackry’s expert team will inspect your original retailer package and re-pack to a smaller, more cost effective package or add protection.

  • Store with Stackry Free for up to 45 Days

    Waiting for more packages to arrive in your Stackry locker before consolidating items into a single shipment? Stackry has you covered with Free storage.

  • Save up to 7.25% U.S. Sales Tax

    Pay no U.S. sales tax when you shop your favorite retailers and ship to Stackry’s secure warehouse.

Retailer box 24x24x6 in., 2lb compared to
Stackry re-pack 8x8x4 in., 2lb to Saudi Arabia

Your Questions Answered

Are duties and taxes included in Stackry's shipping price?

Stackry shipping costs do not include additional taxes. Duties and taxes vary by country. For a quick and easy way to estimate taxes and duties, visit the Simply Duty import calculator. For more information about the duties and taxes in your home country, please check your local customs office.

Does Stackry open my packages?

Yes. Stackry opens all packages to inspect the contents for damage, dangerous goods and prohibited or restricted items.
Stackry customers can rest assured knowing that their items are inspected for damage before leaving the U.S., and handled and prepared appropriately for international transport.

How can I consolidate my packages into one more cost effective shipment?

The concept is simple, the savings are BIG! Shop any U.S. retailer and ship one or multiple packages to your Stackry U.S. address. Stackry will hold each package in your locker for up to 45 days for FREE. When you're done shopping and ready to ship, login to your Stackry account, choose your items and Stackry's expert team will consolidate them into one more cost effective shipment. Stackry charges $2 per package consolidated, with a $25 cap per consolidation. See Stackry's Consolidation page to learn more, or login to your Stackry dashboard if you're ready to save and start consolidating received packages.