Must See Sites for Resort Wear

Designers everywhere are showing off their resort wear creations for every body type and thanks to online shopping – every brand and style is at our fingertips. Whether you are planning an exotic beach vacation or something more casual – we have rounded up some pf the best sites for you to shop your style!


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Top Online Retailers for Swimsuits

Designers everywhere are showing off their Swimsuit creations for every body type and thanks to online shopping – every brand and style is at our fingertips. Whether you are heading to the beach or floating in your own swimming pool– we have the best sites for you to shop summer!

TODAY rounded up some of the best retailers for online swimsuit shopping in a recent episode, including two of their favorites - ModCloth and Aerie.


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Spring and Summer Florals for All

Everything is in bloom- everywhere you go. And that includes everything from fashion and accessories to home and office.

Don’t miss the best and brightest trend of the season:


For the Floral Fashionista

Eid al-Fitr Gifts for Everyone

Eid al-Fitr begins at sunset on the on the last night of Ramadan – marking the ending of a one-month fast, when 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide celebrate with festivities that last three days. This year, Eid al-Fitr begins on the sunset of Saturday, the 24th of June.

There is always a celebration and the giving of gifts to family, friends and loved ones. So what are some great gifts to celebrate Eid al-Fitr? We’ve got them here!


2017 Best Gaming Consoles

What’s better than a great game? Having the best gaming console on the block. Here is your guide to the best for 2017:


Nintendo Switch

Must Have Outdoor Clothes & Gear 

What’s better than camping and hiking in the great outdoors? Why have the best gear – of course!

Here’s a few of the top picks for your summer adventures from some of the top shops:


Camping Coffee

Must Have Outdoor Clothes & Gear: Winter Gear Sales

When is the best time to get your winter gear? When it’s summer in the U.S., of course! That’s when you’ll find the hottest deals and deepest discounts.

You can score fantastic deals on jackets, skis, helmets and more – and be ready to face colder temps and hit the slopes as soon as the first snowflake falls to the ground. According to, “as temperatures rise and demand cools, sellers are ready to strike deals on winter sporting equipment and apparel.”

Spring is Here – and so are the Latest Spring Sneakers for You to Browse

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The market for sneakers is booming, driven by millennial demand and a strategic business approach by major players. According to SportsOneSource, the international sneaker market has grown by more than 40% since 2004, to an estimated $55 billion.

And it isn’t all about sports – but more about fashion.