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The international shipping calculator provides you with our current pricing on shipping from the United States to international destinations.


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The international shipping calculator provides you with our current pricing on shipping from the United States to international destinations.

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Is your country not listed? Please contact us and we will provide you with a quote.

Changes in weight, dimensions, item value, and product classification will impact the final quote.

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Pricing FAQs

How much does it cost?

The rate calculator shows an estimate of the charges you will pay to ship your package. It is important that accurate weight and dimensions are used in the calculator to ensure more accurate estimates. There could be other charges associated with your shipment based on the services chosen, please click here for more information on pricing.

How long can I store my USA purchases without incurring a storage fee?

Stackry offers free storage for 45 days. After 45 days of storage, the fee is $0.08 per day per pound of purchases stored in your locker.

Why do I need to add the dimensions of my package?

The simple answer is that Stackry needs to know the dimensions of your package in order to provide a more accurate shipping price. The reason why that is, is more complicated, and explained below.

International carriers use the dimensions of your package to determine its dimensional weight. What exactly is dimensional weight, though?

Because all of Stackry’s shipments are sent via air service, in addition to considering the actual weight of each package, the carriers need to also take into consideration dimensional weight, which determines how large your package is, ie how much room it takes up on the airplane.

Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the length by width by height of each package in inches or centimeters and dividing by a dimensional weight factor. The dimensional weight factor varies by service offering and unit of measure (in or cm).

Stackry’s partner carriers DHL, FedEx and DHL Global Mail all use a dimensional weight factor of 166. The United States Postal Service (USPS) and FedEx Connect do not use dimensional weight to calculate the final price of shipping.

When dimensional weight exceeds actual weight, shipments are charged according to the dimensional weight.