Personal Shopping Services

Personal Shopping Services

Buy from the Best Stores

Some retailers will not accept foreign credit cards, or ship to packages internationally. Stackry offers a personal shopping service that allows you to shop with hundreds of your favorite USA retailers.

Personal shopping fees:

  • $10 per online retailer
  • 8.5% of the purchase price capped at $100

Simply enter the web address or description of your items in the Link field, give us all applicable details and submit the form.

Click here for retailers that will not ship to freight forwarding companies.

Click here for prohibited items that we cannot legally ship due to customs laws and delivery company restrictions

A few easy steps to personal shopping

  1. Tell us what you would like!

    Tell us below where you are buying from and what you would like to purchase. Simply copy and paste the URL (web address) for each item into your order form.

  2. Add the details

    Then clarify size, quantity, price, and any other product options such as color.

  3. Make payment

    Pay for your purchases using our simple payment gateway.

  4. Fast delivery

    Your purchases can be delivered to your doorstep in 5-8 business days!

Try our personal shopping service now!

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