Spring’s Newest Fragrances and Perfumes


The universal sign of Spring is when we start to see the tiniest of flower buds making their way into the world. What a glorious time of year – a time of new beginnings! The very same thing is happening in the perfume industry, a fresh crop of new scents are arriving on the scene.

The Today Show recently shared top beauty editor picks for the most coveted – and affordable, perfumes to buy now. The winners are floral scents – which pairs nicely with the floral trend we are seeing on runways this spring, crisp citrusy mists, as well as the timeless essence of musk.

Here are five fragrances that we love this Spring –

Caudalie Thé des Vignes, $39 at Nordstrom – Leah Wyar, executive beauty director of Cosmopolitan and Seventeen says “Perfumers will tell you this fragrance contains ginger, neroli, orange blossom and jasmine … but you can’t pinpoint any of that. It’s strong, but soft. Classic, yet trendy. It’s a sexy little mystery.”

Kai Perfume Oil, $48, Kaifragrance.com – Heather Muir, beauty director of Real Simple and Health magazines says “Some white florals can be overwhelming, but Kai (a mix of jasmine and frangipani) is beachy and clean, too. The oil is portable, and a tiny dab of the concentrated oil lasts hours longer than a few sprays.”

AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle Rollerball, $28, AERIN.com – Victoria Kirby, beauty director of Redbook says “It’s not too crisp, sweet or flowery— it’s the perfect balance. You can smell the fresh grapefruit and bergamot in it, but it’s mixed with lush white flowers like gardenia and jasmine, so it’s a little sexier and sweeter than a straight up citrus cologne. And it really does smell just like summer in the Mediterranean.”

Kiehls Musk Essence Oil, $26, Kiehls.com – Gwen Flamberg, beauty director of US Magazine says “I love to layer it over whatever scent I’m wearing to give it a sexy vibe. People always compliment the customized concoctions; I think because the combined notes create an aroma they’ve never smelled before!”

Forêt, $45, olofragrance.com – Jamie Rosen, beauty director of Town & Country says “… Forêt…smell(s) like a lush forest, a mix of earthy green notes and raw wood. It feels so focused, with an absence of floral notes and a staying power that surprised me hours after I rolled it on. I roll on the fragrance, which has notes of cedar, pine, juniper and vetiver. I adore the scent.”

If you need help picking the perfect perfume, turn to the only impartial and independent voices in the industry, the very same that perfume creators and retailers from around the world consult with for his fragrance expertise – Michael Edwards. Michael’s fragrance wheel from AFR.com will help you decipher the complex classification system to find out which 2017 fragrance is just right for you.

And, Nordstrom and Amazon highlight their most popular perfumes to help you find your perfect scent!

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