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The international shipping calculator provides you with our current pricing on shipping from the United States to international destinations.

Many people living in Australia understand the benefits on shopping online in the U.S. In addition to saving money they are also able to enjoy the wider selection of goods for sale on American ecommerce shops. There are a number of international parcel forwarders that will let you shop stores in the U.S using a USA shopping address.

We have built our Stackry account to provide you with all you need to get started shopping in the United States. We pride ourselves on offering great customer service and providing excellent every day value without lots of membership fees or hidden costs. You can soon be shipping parcels to your home in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or wherever you call home.

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The international shipping calculator provides you with our current pricing on shipping from the United States to international destinations.

  • Enter your country
  • Enter the weight of your package
  • Enter the box dimensions (needed to calculate dimensional weight)

Is your country not listed? Please contact us and we will provide you with a quote.

Changes in weight, dimensions, item value, and product classification will impact the final quote.

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1 USD = 1.546397 AUD

Why choose Stackry to be your preferred international shipper

  • No Membership or monthly fees to consolidate or repack items
  • 30 years experience in shipping internationally
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Negotiated rates with the major carriers
  • Excellent customer service
  • 45 days free storage
  • No fees to receive packages
  • No membership fees
  • No U.S. sales tax when using our New Hampshire warehouse
  • Register for your Stackry address now

We offer a range of shipping carriers to meet our customers needs and we have a few additional services designed to provide additional value for our customers from Australia


What items are prohibited from shipping to Australia?

Please refer to Stackry’s list of Prohibited items for all countries.

Prohibited Import Items from DHL

Glazed ceramics, erasers, dog collars, anything with fish, electronic fly killers, empty lighters, weight loss products. Also, any dairy product, including infant formula, requires an import permit.

Customs and Duties for Australia

As of 1 July, Stackry (and all package forwarders) is required to charge Australian customers 10% goods and services tax (GST) on the value of their merchandise plus the shipping charges for all shipments into Australia.   The specifics of the GST law are as follows:

If the value of all goods and shipping in any given shipment is valued at less than $1000 Australian Dollar (AUD) then Stackry, as the final shipper of these goods, is required to pay the AU government/customs a 10% GST
If the value of all goods and shipping  in any given shipment is valued at more than $1000 AUD then the customer pays a 10% GST when the shipment is imported into the country – this is no change from the current law.

If you’re shipping a package to AUS with a total declared value LESS than the below listed «de minimis value» amount, then duties and taxes will not apply. However, please be aware that certain items may be subject to other types of fees or taxes according to Australian law. What is the de minimis value in Australia?

De minimis Value for Duty: 1,000 AUD*
De minimis Value for Tax: 1,000 AUD*
Duties and other taxes are not included in your Stackry shipping costs. You are responsible for paying any charges due upon delivery in Australia.

Australian Customs Details

Other Important Shipping Questions

See the Stackry FAQ page for many answers

Stackry Personal Shopping

We have a number of customers who want to purchase from stores that block orders to international parcel forwarders. You can use our personal shopping service and we will quickly and efficiently place orders for on your behalf.

Top Items shipping from the USA to Australia

Fashion.- We have customers purchasing items from a wide range of U.S. retailers including American Eagle, Nordstrom, Nike, Crazy 8, Forever 21. In addition to clothes we ship a wide range of watches every week

Technology.- IPhones and IPads are the most common technology items we ship to the Australia. We also ship a wide range of Android and Windows phones, televisions and Laptops.

Childrens’ items –We ship a considerable amount of baby and childrens’ clothing from The Gap, OshKosh, Carters and other top baby stores.

Handbags and Shoes –Our customers in the Middle East seem to love handbags and shoes. We have seen items ranging from Kate Spade to Prada pass through our warehouse

Why warehouse location matters when shopping in the USA

Your Stackry mailing address will be located in the state of New Hampshire which has no U.S. sales tax. This means you will an additional 5 to 8% over parcel forwarders located in Florida, California or Ohio.

Why no membership fees or monthly fees is important

We believe you shouldn’t have to use a spreadsheet to figure out how much something is really going to cost to ship from the USA to Australia which is Stackry only charges fees that save you money. Many of competitors will present a low shipping price only to add in package receiving fees, monthly membership fees, registration fees, storage fees. All those fees can lead to nasty surprise on how much shipping will really cost. Some parcel forwarders will only let their premium members consolidate packages or store items for more than a few days.

At stackry we are constantly trying to work to make the overall cost of shipping lower for our Australian customers. We keep our shipping costs low and let all our customers take advantage of our consolidation and repackaging features.

Stackry consolidation and Repacking

Customers saving you up to 80% on standard international shipping when they consolidate packages prior to shipping. Our experienced warehouse team will place multiple packages into a single box to save you money on international forwarding by reducing the number of packages you are sending to Australia. This mean you can shop a range of stores in the U.S. and have them all shipped to your Stackry Locker. For $2 a box we will put all your parcels into one larger box for international shipping.

For $5 dollars a box we can repackage your shipment into a smaller size box to minimize the dimensional weight of your packages.