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If you’re a MyUS customer looking to explore other global reshipping options, we can’t wait to meet you here at Stackry! With our ultra-safe, lightning-fast reshipping services, you’ll be able to enjoy everything MyUS offers and more. With our help, you’ll be able to have all your favorite US items shipped straight to your door with no subscription fees and better customer service! Let’s take a look at how it all works, as well as what we can offer you that other reshipping services can’t!


What is Stackry and How Does It Work?
If you’re already a MyUS customer, you probably have a good idea of how international reshipping services work. But just in case, here’s a quick refresher on how Stackry can simplify your international shipping experience!


Here’s how you can start saving big on shipping with Stackry:

  1. Register for a FREE U.S. address with Stackry and pay no U.S.
  2. Use your new US address to shop all your favorite North American retailers. Don’t forget to follow the links on our site so you earn rewards points as well!
  3. Your packages will then be shipped to your exclusive Stackry locker. If you’ve ordered from several different retailers at once, you can choose to store them until everything arrives and consolidate the orders into one package to save on shipping fees!
  4. We’ll forward your packages to your home address at the speed of your choosing.
  5. Kick back and enjoy your new purchases. That’s all there is to it!


See? Using Stackry is just as simple as using MyUS, if not simpler! So now, let’s take a look at some of the special bonuses you can only find at Stackry.

What can Stackry Offer that Sets Us Apart from MyUS?

Savings on purchases and International ShippingNo Subscription Fees Whatsoever

At MyUS, you’re probably used to dealing with annoying and costly subscription fees that leave your wallet feeling a good bit lighter by the time you’re done. To take full advantage of MyUS’s services and receive benefits such as free package consolidation, free package storage, and repacking, you need to sign up for one of their membership plans for $10 a month!


However, with Stackry, you can enjoy all these benefits at no cost to you. We offer our customers 100% free repacking, storage, and package consolidation because we value your business and want you to have the best shopping experience possible!

Savings on purchases and International ShippingOver 30 Years of International Shipping Experience

Did you know that Stackry has been serving the international community for over thirty years? We’ve been operating since all the way back in 1986, and we’re determined to bring you many more years of excellent, worry-free shipping! So many years of experience means that we’ve seen it all, and we know how to deal with any curveballs that companies or shipping providers throw at us!

Savings on purchases and International ShippingAn Unbeatable Rewards Program

One thing that truly sets Stackry apart from all our competitors is our exclusive rewards program. We’ve partnered with over 100 of your favorite brands to offer you even more savings on certain orders! Now you can earn points to use towards shipping on future orders from classic brands like Kenneth Cole and Oakley. Our rewards program allows you to save up points to use at a later date, so before long you’ll be able to get entire orders shipped to you 100% free!


If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve written a blog that explains how everything works in detail here.

Savings on purchases and International ShippingLightning-Speed Processing Service

Savings on purchases and International ShippingMore Local Shipping Options

With Stackry, you don’t have to be left guessing what carrier will deliver your packages, or if you’ll even be able to get them forwarded at all. We’ve partnered with all the world’s best shipping carriers such as FedEx, Global Mail, DHL, and Aramex. This gives you many more options than other companies such as MyUS, who may only have a few carriers available for your part of the globe. With Stackry, your packages always get delivered your way!

Savings on purchases and International Shipping Free Storage for Up to 45 Days

One of Stackry’s most unique features is that unlike MyUS, we offer 100% free storage for up to 45 days. This makes consolidating your packages easier than ever. You’ll be able to save a whopping 80% on shipping fees if you consolidate your orders, so be sure to take advantage of one of our most popular features! With MyUS, you have to pay an annoying monthly membership fee to have this same luxury.

Savings on purchases and International ShippingWorld-Class Customer Service

Any time you make a purchase with Stackry, you can be 100% confident that you’ll be able to get in touch with a real person, five days a week. We’re available by phone or email Monday through Friday, during the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM (EST). On the rare chance that you have issues with your order, one of our helpful representatives will always be happy to assist you.


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You can reach us by phone at: 1-781-491-0874

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Rated A+ at the Better Business Bureau
And if that’s not enough for you, remember that Stackry has earned an A+ at the Better Business Bureau, which is the best possible rating!

Find Your New Favorite Reshipping Service with Stackry
Although MyUS might have been good enough up until now, give Stackry a chance! With our awesome rewards program, top-tier customer service, and amazing storage options there’s no way you’re going to regret it! Sign up for your free account today and start shopping from the US right away!