Shop iPhone 15 in the USA or your local market?

6 oct 2023

Are you considering purchasing an iPhone 15 from the USA? You’re not alone. Many people are curious about the potential savings and benefits of buying directly from the US. Whether it’s the potential cost difference or the allure of exclusive options, we’ve got you covered in this guide.

Buy from your local market or the USA?

When contemplating this decision, consider these three factors:

  1. How much could you save when buying and shipping from the US?
  2. Are there exclusive options available when purchasing directly from the US?
  3. Do you frequently ship items from the US?

Local markets often markup products compared to US pricing:

  • For items under $500: Local markets often add $100-$150.
  • For items between $500 and $800: Expect an added $150-$200.
  • For items between $800 and $1500: You might see an astonishing $300-$350 markup

It’s always a good idea to compare these figures with your local market’s prices. Given the potential savings, you might be tempted to purchase directly from Apple. But how?

The Challenge: An American Address

To order from Apple in the US, you’ll need an American address. That’s where US based package forwarding companies come in. You get a US address, ship to it, and then forward to your home country.

Choosing the Right Forwarding Company

Trust is paramount. Choose a reputable company that ensures safety, timely delivery, and value for money.

Why Stackry?

Stackry stands out for several reasons:

  • Over a decade in business
  • 19,000+ verified 5 star reviews
  • 500,000+ packages shipped
  • Free membership, up to 45 days of storage and no hidden fees
  • Package consolidation service for savings of up to 80% on shipping
  • Shipping options with major carriers
  • Multi-lingual expert customer support available via chat, email and phone

Shipping to your free Stackry address also means shopping with no US sales tax, a savings of up to 7.25%. Join thousands of happy customers who have used Stackry to shop the US and ship worldwide!

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