How to Shop From Miracle Brand

26 feb 2020

How to Shop From Miracle Brand

When it comes to bedding, bath towels, and luxury fabrics not many companies can top Miracle Brand’s lineup of products. Known for their use of silky-smooth long-staple cotton, Miracle Brand sells some of the best bed sets and bathroom towels around—and at affordable prices to boot.

The only problem is if you’re located outside the U.S., getting ahold of Miracle Brand’s offerings can be difficult, as well as very expensive.

Luckily, Stackry has stepped in to make it easier to shop from Miracle Brand outside of the U.S. With the help of our U.S. warehouse, we are able to offer to you a premium reshipping service, allowing you take to take advantage of everything that U.S. vendors have to offer, no matter where you are in the world.

To help you make your selections, we’re going to give you a detailed overview of Miracle Brand and provide detailed instructions for how to shop from Miracle Brand from outside the U.S. We’ll then dive into their product lineup, to make your shopping experience with Miracle Brand and Stackry as pleasant as possible!

What is Miracle Brand?

Utilizing long-staple Indian cotton that’s been grown in central India since the middle ages, Miracle Brand crafts some of the world’s nicest bed sheets and bath towels.

Being a direct to consumer company, Miracle Brand offers you the benefit of cutting out the middle man, saving you a ton of money.

What makes their products unique is their use of silver woven technology, which helps eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria from your towels!

This figure isn’t pulled out of thin air either; Miracle Brand has hired out an independent agency to test their products. After several rounds of testing, and up to 100 washes, Miracle Brand towels still managed to come out 99.9% free of bacteria, thus touting a lifetime guarantee of cleanliness!

How to Shop From Miracle Brand Outside the US

If you’re located outside the U.S., shopping from Miracle Brand isn’t quite as straightforward as it should be. But with the help of a reshipping service such as Stackry, it’s a breeze.

Before navigating to Miracle Brand’s website, head over to to create an account. Once you’ve successfully created your account, you can view your locker’s address on your Account Dashboard, which is where you’ll have your Miracle Brand orders shipped to.

Now that you have an account, go ahead and shop around on Miracle Brand’s website, adding to your cart whatever products you wish to purchase. Upon checkout, just remember to input your Stackry locker’s address instead of your home address, so that Stackry receives your package.

That’s all there is for you to do on your end! After Stackry receives your Miracle Brand order, they’ll consolidate it with any other orders you’ve placed, and then forward them on to your home address, wherever you are in the world!

Great Deals From Miracle Brand

While many companies seek to offer a little of everything, Miracle Brand focuses on just a few products, with the aim of doing it better than anyone else.

If you’re in the market for some new bedding or bath towels, look no further than Miracle Brand. While they aren’t the cheapest brand around, you get what you pay for when it comes to these things. Due to their direct-to-consumer business model, they’re crazily affordable for the quality you’re getting.

Also available is their Miracle Home Bundle, which nets you 25% off and free shipping. This bundle comes with 1 set of Miracle’s Sheet Set and 1 set of Miracle’s ultra-plush Towel Set.


Miracle Brand’s premium sheets are made with all-natural silver that kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria.


Miracle Brand’s Signature Miracle Sheet Set is features a 480-thread count that’s infused with amazing silver fabric, offering a luxuriously soft feel. Included in this set are 2 pillowcases, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 flat sheet, all for just $119 shipped!


Miracle Brand’s Extra Luxe Sheet Set takes things up a notch with USA-grown Supima cotton thrown into the blend, which is one of the world’s highest quality cottons. With a 620-thread count and super-smooth sateen weave, once you get your hands on these you’ll know why they’re called extra luxe!

Usually priced at $169, for a limited time this set has been marked down to just $149, making Miracle Blend’s 99.9% bacteria-free, natural silver infused sheets a great deal!


If you like the sound of Miracle Brand’s bedding but don’t need a whole new bed set, consider opting for their Signature Pillow Cases, which are available for just $49. These premium percale pillowcases feature Miracle Brand’s silver-infused fabric, making for a super comfy, breathable, and nearly bacteria-free sleeping experience!

Miracle Blend’s Bath Towels

Musty towels are a thing of the past with Miracle Brand’s all-natural silver infused bath towels. Just like with their bedding, Miracle Blend’s bath towels kill 99.9% of bacteria, which means you’ll spend less time doing laundry, and more enjoying a great feeling towel!


The Miracle Towel is made with natural silver infused premium cotton that stays fresh 3x longer than most other bath towels. Priced at $65 and available in 4 great color options, these towels are the perfect gift.


Miracle Brand offers the Miracle Hand Towel too, which features their bacteria and odor preventing silver-infused cotton. At $22, if you’re already going for their bath towels, you might as well throw a few of these in your cart before checking out to complete the set!


Last but not least in Miracle Brand’s bath offerings is the Miracle Washcloth, at just $14. If you’re reusing a regular washcloth without throwing it in the laundry, you’re likely just spreading germs around instead of getting clean—but that’s not the case with the Miracle Washcloth.

Shop Miracle Brand Outside of the U.S. with Stackry     

Miracle Brand offers a unique product line-up that solves a problem many are not even aware of. Bed sheets and bath towels are often laden with odor-causing bacteria, but with Miracle Brand’s silver-infused fabrics, this will be an issue of the past!

If you’ve decided to buy from Miracle Brand today, don’t forget to use Stackry at checkout. Our premium U.S. parcel forwarding service is easy to use and super-convenient, making shopping from Miracle Brand as easy as can be!

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