Shipping Car Parts to the Middle East? Stackry has a Special Program for You

Ship Over 18kg to the Middle East and Save up to 30%

Shipping car parts internationally from U.S. retailers can be challenging. Many retailers don’t ship internationally, shipping time can be weeks and costs are high, especially if you’re ordering from multiple retailers.

Car parts shippers have relied on Stackry for over a decade, and we’re happy to offer the Stackry Car Parts Program for this unique group of shippers. Car parts shippers rely on Stackry for their expertise in international shipping, cost-saving benefits, and reliable services that simplify the complex process of shipping car parts worldwide.

How does the Stackry Car Parts Program work?

  • Big Savings: Stackry’s Car Parts Program offers a 30% discount on DHL Express shipments of car parts weighing 40 pounds or more. This makes importing car parts more affordable for customers.
  • International Shipping: Stackry ships car parts to several countries in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, and Jordan. This wide coverage enables customers in the Middle East to access car parts from the USA. See country and carrier product restrictions here
  • Fast Delivery: Stackry is committed to delivering car parts quickly and efficiently. This means customers can get the parts they need in a timely manner (3-5 business days), minimizing any potential downtime due to parts unavailability.
  • Reliable Service: Stackry has a proven track record of reliable shipping services. Customers can trust that their car parts will be expertly and carefully packed for shipment


How do I participate?

  • If you’re new to Stackry, simply click the ‘Join’ button below and signup for a new account. When shipping car parts via DHL Express over 40 pounds, contact and we will apply a 30% discount. Ship individual packages from Stackry or use our innovative package consolidation service to save big.
  • Existing Stackry customers, please email with ‘Join Car Parts Program’ in the subject line.


What if I have questions before I ship Stackry my car parts?

  • Email and include ‘Car Parts Questions’ in the subject line. You can also call support at +1 781-491-0874 or chat us on the bottom left side of this page.
  • If you would like to estimate pricing in advance, visit Stackry’s shipping calculator.