Personal Shopping Banned Retailers


Unfortunately we’ve found that there are certain retailers that we cannot work with through our personal shopping service.  Please be aware of this list as we cannot purchase through them.  This list represents the retailer-owned websites that are banned–the products or brands themselves, however, may be available through other 3rd party retail sites.

  • Adidas (Suggested Alternative: Amazon)
  • Apple Suggested Alternative: Amazon)
  • Area 51 (Canada) (Suggested Alternative:Amazon)
  • Armani (Suggested Alternative:Amazon)
  • Better (Suggested Alternative:Amazon)
  • Calvin Klein (Suggested Alternative:Amazon)
  • Coach / Coach Outlet (Suggested Alternative:Nordstrom)
  • Cole Haan (Suggested Alternative: DSW)
  • Dell Suggested Alternative: Amazon)
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Fredricks of Hollywood (Suggested Alternative:Victoria’s Secret)
  • Flo Mask (Suggested Alternative: Non – Export Controlled)
  • Funko (Suggested Alternative:Amazon)
  • Google Store (Suggested Alternative:Amazon)
  • Hot Topic (Suggested Alternative:Ebay)
  • HP 
  • Lego (Suggested Alternative:Amazon)
  • Lenovo 
  • Louis Vuitton 
  • Michael Kors (Suggested Alternative:Lord & Taylor / Suggested Alternative: Amazon)
  • Mouser Electronics (Suggested Alternative:Amazon)
  • Newegg )
  • Nike (Suggested Alternative:eBay)
  • Oakley (Suggested Alternative:Sunglasshut)
  • (Suggested Alternative:Amazon)
  • PacSun (Suggested Alternative:eBay)
  • Puma (Suggested Alternative:eBay)
  • Uniqlo (Suggested Alternative: Asos)
  • Ulta (Suggested Alternative:Sephora)
  • Target (Suggested Alternative:Walmart)

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