Stackry Pricing

At Stackry we strive to understand pricing that provides the best value in international parcel forwarding to our customers.

We love making customers happy, and know that repeat customers and referrals from happy customers is the best way to continue to grow.

Stackry provides a variety of international shipping options based on your needs for time, budget and tracking. If you want to see examples of parcel forwarding pricing please visit our shipping calculator.

In addition to international shipping we offer a range of additional services designed to save you money or expand your opportunities to shop in the United States.


Stackry will combine multiple packages into one box. Consolidating packages saves customers up to 80% in international shipping, than compared to shipping packages individually from retailers.


Stackry will repack your package into a smaller box for $5 per package. Domestic shipping in the U.S. does not use dimensional weight, there is often wasted space packages shipped from U.S. retailers. Having Stackry repack your item will often enable you to get the actual weight of the package, frequently saving you money. 

Personal Shopping Services

Some retailers will not accept foreign credit cards, or ship to package forwarding address - Stackry offers a personal shopping service that allows you to shop in U.S. stores. 

Category fees
Membership fee none
Monthly fee none
Consolidation fee* $2 a package
Repacking fee* $5 a shipment
Package receipt fee none
Personal shopping fee* $10 per online retailer 8.5% of the purchase value (capped at $100)
Storage fee Free for 45 days $1 pound per-month past 45 days
Hazmat Processing fee  $12.50 per Hazmat type
Special request fee Request information ($2) ($3 for 1 photo, $5 for 3 photos, $7 for 5 photos)
Revised Commercial Invoice fee $12.50 per invoice
Return Package fee $7.50
*See detailed description above
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