5 Makeup Trends You’ll Want to Wear In 2018

May 4, 2018

With 2018 upon us and memories of celebrity Instagram posts of 2017 still in our minds, it’s about time we did that same thing we do every beginning of the year: reflect on the trends that dominated the year past and forecast on the year ahead.

2017’s makeup trends were epic…and we tried them all (as long as Zendaya and Riri looked enticing in them).

We can only expect a spillover of the terrific stand-outs into 2018.

It doesn’t end there, we have put together what we think will dominate the 2018 makeup scene, based on what stood out on the red carpets and runways throughout 2017.

The upside-down eyeliner

This was a common sight throughout the year: a smudge of bold shades right beneath the eyes.

Celebrities took the looks to the red carpets and on to their Instagram accounts. We loved it, and by all indications, the upside-down liner isn’t going anywhere just yet. Quite the opposite – the trend is just catching pace.

The beautiful thing is, you need not attend any beauty class to rock this eyeliner this year. It requires practically no makeup skills to apply.

Simply identify your preferred shade; dark for that matter, and line your bottom lash line with it.

You can use a liner or shadow to create a stroke of color defining your eyes. It is also nice to experiment with different brow hair shades, mascara shades and eye color shadows to see what works right for you.

From our experience, just about any eyeshadow nicely does the trick. You therefore only need to find something that is easy to apply.

Floating creases

The floating crease is one of the makeup trends that remained hottest as 2017 was coming to an end. It remains one of the latest fascinating makeup trends.

The secret is to wear less makeup, yet make a definite statement with your look. The floating creases have turned out to be a perfect way to achieve that outcome.

To hop aboard the floating crease bandwagon, identify your preferred shade and subtly fill in your brows with it. Embellish the look with a hint of highlight to achieve the perfection that every beauty enthusiast looks for.

It won’t be hard to realize that the makeup allows you some element of fun without weighing down your overall look.

Golden glow

We have shifted more from watching the show during awards season to studying the beauty mavens gracing the red carpet. It turns out this is not such a bad habit after all.

We were able to notice that more faces than we could count had that characteristic yellow-gold hue.

Then Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter happened, and the pigmented golden glow took over the face paint scene.

As we entered 2018, this highlight was no longer the popular choice for beauty doyens alone, but for commoners as well.

It is cool, and it’s amazing. It looks great on most people and is perfect for everyone who applies it correctly.

With people increasingly choosing bolder colors and deeper hues in 2018, we expect the golden glow, which is not exactly a subtle shade, to dominate even further.

You may want to use it as your eyeshadow or dust it all over your cheekbones. Whichever way you choose to use it, you’ll be sure to remain on trend.

In fact, Jen Reviews observe that such a sun-kissed glow is “one of the most classic, healthy looks to ever become a possible trend.”

Advice: start at your temples and loop to just below your cheekbone. Then, to complete the look to perfection, do the looping down to your chin once again in a way to create a three-shape.

Once you’re done applying the product, be sure to use a small amount of bronzer, blending it with a clean, downy brush to achieve the final look and supple feel.

Bright lipstick 

The sun-kissed glow (above) is not the only way in which people are going bolder this year. The particularly bright lipstick is one other bold makeup trend that we couldn’t help, but notice is dominating 2018.

Bright lipstick has been and is going to continue being an easy way to add color to your look and create a statement look overall.

We have some recommendations for you: Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick

or Kylie Jenner’s Silver Series classic lipsticks are an excellent place to look.

Twiggy eyebrows

When super makeup artist Jessica Smalls was asked to explain her masterwork that is Janelle Monáe, she described the Wondaland Arts Society goddess’ Twiggy-inspired eyelashes as a “timeless and current look” and “2018 vibe”.

It instantly became apparent that the Twiggy eye trend isn’t going anyplace anytime soon. Its recent resurgence on the runway is just proof enough that it is bound to stay.

To copy the look may be more straightforward than it appears. And it doesn’t have to involve using the full range of Buxom Cosmetics products that Jessica uses on Janelle.

All you may need to do is get yourself The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara by Maybelline at only $7.99.

L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara is also available at the same price range ($9.99) – a super-wet formula that will keep your lashes clung together for hours without a hint of wilting.

Last words

We know we promised five trends. But here’s a bonus – something we ascertained from Jen Reviews – that we couldn’t help but share with you. The pencil-thin eyebrows are a yesterday trend – not something to carry on to 2018. In the year ahead, you’ll want to go for thick, powerful eyebrows. That’s how you remain trendy. That’s how you achieve the 2018 look and feel.

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