Best Tech Deals this Shopping Season

Dec 18, 2018

With the shopping season in full swing, great deals on this year’s must-have tech are everywhere! Whether you’re looking for the latest cell phone, laptop, mobile device, or even a big-screen TV, the deals are plentiful. Here at Stackry, we’ve put together this list of the best tech discounts available all December long. Read on for some of the best deals on tech this December, and get ready for the best shopping season yet!



Laptops Priced for any Budget


If you’re in the market for a new laptop this season, we’ve got some more great deals for you! Whether you’re wanting a shiny new MacBook or an affordable Chromebook, deals are abundant and there’s something for everyone.


For those looking to purchase a MacBook this month, Apple is offering free gift cards with the purchase of some of their laptops. With incentives of up to $200 extra with the purchase of select MacBooks, there’s never been a better time to upgrade!


On the more affordable end of the spectrum, Chromebooks are on sale at deep discount prices, making them hard to pass up. The Samsung Chromebook 3 is only $160 at the moment, which is $69 off normal price, making this laptop a steal!


For a little more money, the ASUS Chromebook 15, priced at $270, is a great buy for those looking for a little more power under the hood! Featuring an edge-to-edge 1080p display, an Intel Dual-Core Celeron Processor, and 4GB of RAM; the ASUS Chromebook 15 is more than powerful enough to meet the needs of most casual users looking for an excellent browsing experience.


If you have your eye set on one of Microsoft’s fine devices, such as the Surface Laptop 2 or the Surface Pro 6, you’re also in luck. Since both are priced at $799 (a $200 and $260 discount, respectively) owning one of these powerhouse devices is now more tempting than ever!


Unbeatable Deals on Games and Consoles


If you’re looking to score the latest console, this time of year is usually the time to buy! With great deals coming from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, you’re bound to find a bargain on your favorite system.


Both the Sony PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro are discounted heavily when purchased as part of a bundle. The PS4 Slim 1TB Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Bundle is only $299.99 at Target, while the upgraded PS4 Pro 1TB Red Dead Redemption 2 Bundle is going for a paltry $399.99. Both are $60 off their normal prices, making these bundles a steal when compared to the price of purchasing just the consoles. Included in these bundles you get not only the console, but also a great game, and a DualShock 4 wireless controller!


For Xbox fans, the Xbox One X is on sale at $399, which is a $101 discount! With 6 teraflops of graphics processing power and a 4K Blu-ray player, the Xbox One X is probably the best performing console available. For slightly less, the Xbox One S 1TB Console – NBA 2K19 Bundle is discounted $51, bringing the price down to $249. With these awesome deals, these super-powered current generation consoles are more accessible than ever!


If you’ve been watching out for deals on the Nintendo Switch, you know they are hard to come by. Luckily, right now Nintendo is offering a $35 eShop store credit when you purchase the Switch online from Amazon or Gamestop. Although this deal isn’t as great as what the other console makers are offering, there’s no better time to gain access to Nintendo’s exclusive content!


Tablet and Cellphone Deals for All


During the shopping season, heavy discounts on cellphones and tablets are always plentiful. Samsung has some great deals on their Galaxy line of phones in 2018. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is $154 off, at only $686, making this top-rated flagship device an easy choice! For those interested in a less-massive device, the smaller sized Samsung Galaxy S9 is at a similar discount, priced at $599.88.


Unfortunately, Apple isn’t offering any deals on their current model iPhones. However, for those in the market for both this year’s and last year’s iPads, the deals are there. The 2018 9.7-inch iPad is $40 off at the moment, at only $289—which makes owning one of Apple’s fabulous tablets easier than ever! If you’re looking to get a little more performance out of your tablet, last year’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro has been discounted a crazy $220 as well. At $579, the Apple iPad Pro is hard to beat.


For a more affordable option, The LG G6’s price has been lowered by $341, to a price of only $359.99! The G6 has been one of the most popular phones of 2018, and with good reason. At this steep of a discount, if you’re in the market for a more affordable but still stellar performing cellphone, the LG G6 is a good buy.


Great Deals on TVs Under $1000


This Toshiba 50-inch Ultra HD Smart TV is on sale right now for only $349.99. That’s a $50 savings off it’s normal price! Featuring Ultra HD technology such as 4k resolution and HDR, this TV is hard to pass up at such a steep discount.


Also on sale at a great price is the Sony XBR49X900F 49-inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV. At only $998, which is a $101 discount, this TV features all you could ask for and more. Offering 4k and HDR technology, as well as improved color rendering via Sony’s TRILUMINOS, the Sony XBR49X900F has everything you need—and at one of the lowest prices we’ve seen yet!


If you’re in the market for a larger TV (65-inches or bigger) we’ve got a few great options for you as well. This 75-inch Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV is $502 off at the moment at a price of only $1,497.99! This TV supports HDR10+ and features a motion rate of 120.


For those that do not want to compromise on quality the Sony XBR75X900F is on sale at $2,798; a whopping $700 off normal price. This TV features Sony’s X-Motion clarity, TRILUMINOS technology, and supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision standards. For those who want a truly feature-rich TV, you can’t go wrong with this deal!


Bring All the Best Tech Deals to Your Door with Stackry


During this time of year, competition is fierce amongst retailers. With Stackry, you’ll be able to make all your dreams of upgrading your tech a reality! We hope you enjoyed reading through the best tech deals we’ve found this Shopping Season. You can trust that if you make your purchase through us, you’ll receive it promptly—and at an unbeatable price!



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