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Special Handling

合并包裹费 每件包裹USD2
仓储费 首45日免费,之后每磅每月收USD1
危险物处理费 每种危险物类型USD12.50
特殊请求费 请求信息 - 2 USD, 1 张照片 - 3 USD, 3 张照片 - 5 USD, 5 张照片 - 7 USD

*If a package arrives with an incorrect or incomplete address (for example missing locker number or an unknown or misspelled name), Stackry will try to determine which client it belongs to. If Stackry is able to determine the owner of the package, it will be entered into the correct locker and we will charge the above fee. If the owner cannot be determined and a request claiming the package with tracking information is not provided within 30 days of the package’s arrival, the package will be disposed of.

**Personal shopping fees are only assessed if you need us to do the shopping for you.  Must have had 5+ shipments with us in order to use this service.

***Many high value or specialty items have limited maximum declared value amounts. Fine art, high-end jewelry, precious metals, and many collectors items are limited in the value that can be declared. Please email customer service if you plan to ship any of these types of items.