What's New for Back to School

Along with shopping for tech gadgets, clothes, and shoes, another exciting part of back-to-school shopping is finding the best accessories and decorations for dorms and lockers. Not only is it important to express your style through what you wear, but you can also do it through your living space. We’ve got a few items lined up from Teen Vogue, Kohl’s, and Pottery Barn that deliver a space that is comfortable, stylish and oh so “you”! 


If you’ve been to college, living in a dorm room can be an absolute blast and where so many of those fond college memories originated. Nowadays, what is fun is decorating your personal living space.

Best Bed-in-a-Bag

Don’t get us wrong – we love patterns. But when it comes to our bedding, we want something a little more toned down. This way you can spice things up a bit with smaller decorations, which is why this Madison Park Reversible Complete Bed & Sheet Set is a winner. With an “easy on the eyes” look, this set is ideal for college students and goes with just about anything.

Best Throw Blanket

Next up after a bed set, you will want to have a throw blanket. It just adds the perfect “homey” touch to any room. Plus, who doesn’t love a fuzzy blanket to cozy up with while watching a movie? So, take your pick because UGG has a variety of different colors available. 

Best Vacuum

Now, no one wants their mom nagging them to clean their room away at college, right? Nope. So, stay on top of things with this lightweight vacuum from Target that’ll keep your space neat and tidy, and of course, mom-approved. 

Best Under Bed Storage

I’m sure we’re all pretty familiar with how limited space is in dorm rooms; so making use of all space available is a must. These clear top zipper bags will keep your clothes stashed away all year long. 

Best Hanging Shoe Storage

Is there a greater love than that of a girl and her shoes? Kidding, of course! But, we do know and appreciate how important keeping all your shoes organized is. This hanging storage set will keep every pair in their own spot for easy access before heading out the door. 

Best Towels

Good hygiene is important…good hygiene in college is even more important, which is why this one needs little to no explanation. Soft, cotton towels in a bunch of different colors – yup, you need ‘em. 

Best Backpack

You can’t go to class without your backpack, duh. Luckily, this one’s big enough with a stylish simplicity that will go with all of your fun campus outfits. 

Best Chair

After a long day of classes, sometimes (okay most times), you just want to veg out. This memory foam butterfly chair is the ideal sitting vehicle to do so in.   

Best Pillow

While most college students are not known for their ideal sleeping schedules, we still think it’s pretty important they have a comfy pillow to rest their head on – even if it’s only for a fifteen-minute power nap!. Say hello to the affordable Contour Products Pedic Pillow.

Best Brewing System

For all the hours that college students don’t spend sleeping, the majority is spent caffeinated, which is why this smaller Keurig brewing system is exactly what every dorm room needs.

For a few more dorm items, check out Teen Vogue and Kohl’s.


While a locker isn’t exactly as big of a canvas when it comes to decorating, you can still work some magic with what you’re given. 

Best Locker Chandelier

Yes, you read that correctly. You may be scratching your head, but believe it or not, they do in fact exist now – and we love them! So fun, so girly, and so chic!

Best Locker Rug

What’s cuter than a locker chandelier? A locker rug, of course! Nothing says “locker sweet locker” like a cute, fuzzy rug. 

Best Locker Calendar

We all know how easy it is to get our days mixed up, but no need to worry because this dry erase magnetic calendar will keep you on schedule all week long. 

Best Locker Wallpaper

First, the chandelier.  Second, the rug. Next, some wallpaper. Check ‘em out - you’ll sure have the nicest locker on the block. 

Best Pocket Set

If you’re having a bad day at school, all you have to do is open your locker and boom – you’re greeted by a set of pockets that says, “You are awesome.” Yes, yes you are. Bonus – they’ll hold all your pens, pencils, erasers, and other small objects that are easy to lose track of.   

With back-to-school season under way, it’s not too late to buy some fun accessories and decorations to spice up your living spaces. After all, school is for ten out of the twelve months of the year.  So, pick out your favorites and let Stackry make shipping them overseas super simple. 

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