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Simplified pricing that takes the worry out of excess fees and lowers shipping cost

Online shopping in the USA can be easy...

Stackry offers a variety of international shipping services with simplified pricing so you can see your package on your doorstep without worrying about excess fees.

Whether you want to take advantage of domestic priority mail or simply lower your overall shipping rates, the Stackry shipping service offers you an attractive flat rate between origin and destination, with no hidden fees.

Use the Shipping Calculator at the bottom of this page to calculate your shipping rates, independent of the dimensional weight of the package. Indeed, regardless of package weight or package dimensions, your purchased goods will have a home at your personal Stackry warehouse.

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The cost of shipping internationally has never been lower. Take advantage of discounted rates only available to US-based customers. Use any shipping service, whether Fedex, UPS, USPS, or others to relay your packages to our New Hampshire warehouse. On receiving your delivery, we can consolidate your packages to further reduce international shipping costs. .

Take a glance at the table below to analyze the cost-effective shipping service Stackry can offer you.

Basic Fees
Membership fee FREE
Monthly fee FREE
Package receipt fee FREE
Storage fee FREE for 45 days
- 8 cents per day per pound past 45 days
Consolidation $2 a package
Repacking fee $5 a package
Special Handling Fees
Hazmat Processing Fee $12.50 per Hazmat type
Editing Commercial Invoice Fee $25 per commercial invoice
Address Correction Fee $5 per incoming package requiring address lookup**
Package Return $7.50 per pre-paid shipping label
Personal shopping fee * $10 per online retailer
- 8.5% of the purchase value (capped at $100)
Special Request Fee $4 for the first photo, $1 for each additional photo
Shipment Value Protection*** Minimum Charge of $6.00
- $3.00 per $100 of declared value

Find out how much it will cost to ship to you with our

* Personal Shopping fees are only assessed if you need us to do the shopping for you

** If a package arrives with an incorrect or incomplete address (for example missing locker number or an unknown or misspelled name), Stackry will try to determine which client it belongs to. If Stackry is able to determine the owner of the package, it will be entered into the correct locker and we will charge the above fee. If the owner cannot be determined and a request claiming the package with tracking information is not provided within 30 days of the package's arrival, the package will be disposed of.

***Many high value or specialty items have limited maximum declared value amounts. Fine Art, High-End Jewelry, Precious Metals, and many Collectors Items are limited in the value that can be declared. Please email customer service if you plan to ship any of these types of items.

Why should you choose Stackry?

Combine multiple packages into one box. Consolidating packages saves you up to 80% on international shipping compared to shipping packages individually from retailers.

Domestic shipping in the USA often has wasted space. Save on delivery costs when you repackage your packages into a smaller box.

Some retailers will not accept foreign credit cards, or ship to packages internationally—Stackry offers a personal shopping service that allows you to shop with hundreds of your favorite USA retailers.

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