Top 10 Marketplaces to Shop in the U.S.

1 avr. 2022

Top 10 Marketplaces to Shop in the U.S.

Helping International Shoppers Ship Products from Popular U.S. Retailers in 2022


Sorting through the best places to shop online in the US can be challenging. Of course, you want the latest styles and brands at lower market prices in the US. But you need to find businesses willing to sell to international customers. 


We’ve put together the top marketplaces for international shoppers in the U.S. These brands are willing to work with international customers using consolidated shipping services like Stackry to deliver ship and deliver their products. 


Topping the list, you’ll find several full-service marketplaces offering goods from retailers across the US market. Also, there are specialty markets where you can buy products specifically for your home, pets, children, and automobiles.  

 Top 10 Marketplaces


As you know, many popular brands will not accept international credit cards nor ship products to consolidated shippers or international customers. That makes shopping online at a place like Amazon the next best option.

Walmart is one of America’s favorite places to shop. It has a vast selection of items that you can find at unmatched prices. But, like Amazon, Walmart is another place where you can purchase items that aren’t available through an elite brand’s website due to shipping restrictions. 


So, this is the place for you for those looking to rack up the savings on everything from clothes and toys to cosmetics and personal care items.

eBay is an excellent place to hunt for hard-to-find or vintage items, everyday products, and in-style brands. eBay offers a unique shopping experience that allows you to purchase or bid on auctioned items. Vendors and individual sellers throughout the US make eBay their number one place to sell.

Year after year, Amazon tops the list for online e-commerce sites in the US. Amazon’s unique marketplace allows you to buy from vendors throughout the world. This includes everything from novelty items to name-brand clothing not typically available to international customers. 



If you’ve been looking for something hard to find, this is the first place to look.

Etsy is the place to get one-of-a-kind items such as handmade crafts, antiques, artwork, or personalized products. Creators from all over the US use Etsy to sell their creative products. 

When you’re looking for something unique that only a skilled craftsperson can produce, Etsy is the marketplace.

Home Depot offers anything and everything related to your home. Start here if you want to find high-quality, affordable, and branded home products. Home Depot carries appliances, tools, lighting, electrical supplies, garden supplies, and other hardware materials. 


Year after year, Home Depot remains the most popular home and hardware store for shoppers in the US.

Best Buy is known for carrying top-name-brand electronics at reasonable prices. Shoppers find Best Buy’s online marketplace easy to navigate when searching for their favorite brand, series, or model. This popular electronics store offers gaming systems, computer systems, mobile devices, speakers, headphones, appliances, monitors, and more. 


Frequently, Best Buy lists deals online. So if you’re hunting for electronics, you should begin your search here. Their deals are often unmatched, even by popular marketplaces known for their discounts.

For the pet lovers among you, now you have a place to find the best in pet supplies. Chewy offers everything your pet needs from grooming supplies, home accessories, pet treatments, treats, and more.


Chewy has emerged as the top online pet marketplace in the US over the past few years. So if you’re looking for the best products available for your loved one, you’ll find them here.

Carter’s is an excellent place to get new wardrobes for your children. Carters focuses primarily on children below their teenage years. You’ll find pieces that are durable, colorful, and sure to make your child happy. 


Carter’s offers lots of styles, so if your child is picky about what they wear, you’ll find comfortable, good-looking clothes at an affordable price.

We’re happy Rock Auto remains on our top ten list. Everyone knows that servicing your car can be very difficult, depending on where you live. Rock Auto is known for giving its shoppers access to nearly any and every part imaginable. 


They host a robust database you can navigate through within a few clicks to find exactly what you’re looking for. You don’t need to rely on the local mechanic to rig something up for you. Instead, get the part you need and ship it directly to you via Stackry. 


Shipping With Stackry

At Stackry, we make shipping your purchases directly to your door affordable and straightforward. If you’re planning to buy products in the US online marketplace, then consider using Stackry’s to receive your products in the US. We’ll hold your purchases and consolidate them into one shipment. 


You’ll save nearly 80% of the shipping cost while accessing a US-based shipping address for your online purchases. 


You can do this in 5 easy steps:


  1. Sign up here for a free US address.
  2. Use your US address to shop at your favorite stores.
  3. Have your packages sent to your Stacry locker.
  4. Consolidate and ship your packages to your home address.
  5. Receive your shipment within a few days. 


This method saves you time and money and the headache of US retailers only shipping to in-country addresses. 

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