The Latest Shoes and Sneakers Trends

25 avr. 2018


It is our habit in the fashion world to look at what has dominated the year past to help us think ahead and work out what everyone is to be wearing in the year ahead. It’s quite a few months into 2018; which means we’ve had enough time to learn all we had to about what to expect in the months to come.

We have seen it: sneakers are a big deal now. Which explains why we have paid close attention to them and dedicated this write-up to the latest in sneakers and shoe trends for 2018.

If you are a diehard of the minimalist design, you might want to brace yourself for some new experiences this year. The fashion crowd is moving toward the wild and dramatic styles rather than the simple and elegant. From what we’ve gathered, prepare to see a lot of funkier and chunkier shoes in the 2018 fashion scene.  

Below, we have put together a couple of styles you’ll want to keep an eye out for in the coming months.

Neutral, muted tones

There is a general shift away from the bold-hued colors toward neutral, muted tones as far as sneakers are concerned. This only makes sense since the latter (bold-hues) continue to dominate the runways in clothing.

Cool creams, camels, and tans are growing in popularity, with the classic clean white style becoming constantly less common.


Whether you are a Nike diehard, Versace fan or Louis Vuitton fanatic; there seems to be enough of subtle alternatives to go for. They also come in a vibrant new variety of forms; sporty and solid soles.  

Depending on where you look, you can be sure to find solid top parts made of some nicely designed breathable material, with or without laces or seams.

Exaggerated soles

Chunky soles have been a thing of the basketball pitch for as long as any sports fan can recall. Away from the field, you could spot them on your dad’s feet quite a few times when he’s going out jogging – definitely not as a fashion accessory.

That has since changed! Exaggerated soles are the new trend in the sneakers world. We saw this trend for the first time somewhere in 2017, and the chunky soles have since become a full-scale sensation – with Balenciaga’s Triple S being the current topic everyone is talking about.


Well, if you believe in dressing the odds; then there’s no time like the present. With a funky pair of sneakers with exaggerated soles, you can walk your way to the top of this trending style.

These orthopedic sneakers are not going anywhere anytime soon. Quite the opposite: we are seeing nearly every leading brand adopt thick soles alongside new sporty details. Louis Vuitton is notably leading the pack. Then there are the likes of Balenciaga and a whole lot of other major players in the race.

They come in almost all kinds of hues and details, the common ones being muted white palettes and pastels, metallics and the likes. If you prefer something less minimalist, you’ll find it – in an ultra-modern look, thick-soled and highly detailed. The sooner you jump aboard this bandwagon, the better. 

Boot sneakers

If you are an ankle boots fan, then you have all the reason to smile. A ton of boot styles have made a tremendous comeback, but what we are specifically interested in is the growing popularity of boot sneakers on the runways.

We have seen a rich assortment of both retro and modern designs, so there is something for everyone. Adidas Originals’ Prophere sneaker has taken a rather futuristic sensibility that rewrites the whole idea of the ankle boot trainer – and we adore it.


With ankle boot-styled running shoes on the rise, we couldn’t overemphasize how sporty things are getting in 2018. Like Adidas, a lot of brands are releasing sneaker styles that resemble combat and hiking boots, meting functionality with style in the best proportions.

Gum soles

Air Jordan 13 Retro Girls “Hyper Pink” may have been the focal point back in 2014; its timely Hyper Pink accents fused with black and white-centric style standing out from the crowd. However, 2018 is seeing a return of the same color blocking scheme in Air Jordan 13 Retro for Kids, now with gum soles.

While this specific Air Jordan 13 Retro may be limited to kids and slightly an off-topic item in this writeup, the gum soles bit isn’t.


Major brands are now embracing gum soles as a favorite inclusion. They come in both classic and modern styles. But over and above their practical construction and skater design, the gum sole just won’t look dirty despite how frequently you wear it.

Cordy heels

Away from sneakers, high heeled shoes with lots of thin leather cords are here to stay. For many fashion enthusiasts, these styles are quite the pick for the occasional event when you want to look stylish and breezy and are sure there won’t be too much distance to cover on foot.

Whether to go for something that climbs all the way up your calf the gladiator style or have it stop at the ankles with an ankle strap is upon you to decide. All we know is that these strappy shoes have been doing rounds on the runways as part of the spring 2018 trends and are unlikely to fall out of trend any time.



Straps are downright classic. They can take a minimalist design for a casual look or go with delicate, dainty heels with pretty embellishments for a more upscale look.


The latest shoe trends are quite varied. If you are a shoe lover, then 2018 is your year. There is every footwear silhouette, color, design and finish you can think of. Knowing the trends that have started to make a slow exit and the new ones that are arriving in their place is, however, a sure way to stay on top of your fashion game. Now that we have shared with you what’s trending, we hope that you’ll have no reason to look anything but your best.   

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