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14 août 2017

August: the final stretch before children go back-to-school. Parents, you’re almost there – you can do it! In just a few short weeks, mornings will no longer be spent contemplating how you’ll keep the kids entertained for the day. Instead, the hustle bustle routine will return, and you’ll be doing everything possible to get them out the door and in the classroom on time.  And of course, what’s the excitement of back-to-school without a little bit of shopping? Between new clothes, rockin’ shoes, the coolest accessories, and the best school supplies, we’ve got you covered on what’s in for 2017.

This year, there are four categories in high demand as it relates to back-to-school – tech, sneakers, apparel, and school supplies (of course). We’ve broken things up into each category accordingly to make your shopping experience that much easier…So, here’s the scoop:


Beats EP Headphones

It’s not back-to-school without a new pair of headphones – the kids gotta be able to jam in between classes. Plus, some studies have shown that listening to music can enhance students’ focus. So why not grab a pair of Beats EP Headphones? They’re lightweight, super comfortable, and available in black, white, red, and blue.

Amazon Echo Dot

If your kid isn’t a fan of headphones, what about a speaker? Bonus – what about a speaker that can talk back? Amazon’s Echo Dot is a mini version of the original voice-controlled device, Echo.  After connecting through Bluetooth, the Echo Dot can play music, control smartphone devices, and even receive and send text messages, which means you can still send you daughter or son naggy reminders to turn the music down and do their homework.

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Birkenstock Arizona

These shoes have been all the rage when it comes to back-to-school shoes for two years now, so it’s no surprise they’re at the top of our list again this year. Manufactured in Germany, these leather slide on sandals are perfect for your kids to slip on while running out the door in the morning. They’re comfy, versatile too, and can be worn all year round with the help of some cozy socks.

Adidas Originals Superstar Casual Shoes

This Adidas vintage shoe has made a comeback in the last few years, and with good reason. You know what they say, “the classics never go out of style.” Available for men, women, and the little one, these stylish sneaks go with just about anything.

Vans Classics

Not into Adidas? How ‘bout something a bit edgier? The answer is Vans then. Available in a variety of different colors and styles, the options are pretty much endless. Plus, they’re just too cool – almost too cool for school.

Converse Classic Chucks

Who doesn’t know Converse, huh? These sneakers are iconic, so you can’t go wrong with them, no matter what style or color you choose for the kids.


Adidas Originals National Plus Backpack

Gone are the days where textbooks and notepads are carried in our arms. Today, kids are toting their schoolwork around in all different kinds of backpacks. The shapes, sizes, and colors seem endless, but fear not, this Adidas Original National Plus Backpack will surely be a pleaser, and it has all the necessary space for books, snacks, and whatever else your children stuff in their bags.

Distressed & Patchwork Denim

A simple pair of Levi’s just won’t do anymore. The two must-have styles now are distressed and patchwork. Have your kids style them with a flowy tank top in early fall and then cozy things up with sweaters when the cooler temps arrive.

Lace Up T-Shirts

Basic white t-shirts got an upgrade. Lace up necklines can completely upgrade an outfit. Plus, they still go with anything so be sure to stock up on a few different styles.

Bohemian Prints

Let’s be honest…who doesn’t love a good boho-style print? There’s something so beautiful and carefree about them! Finding a print your kids (and you) will love won’t be a challenge since there are so many options out there to choose from.

T-shirt Dresses

Another way to wear a t-shirt? You betcha! These comfy t-shirt dresses make for the best back-to-school outfit with the perfect balance between casual and chic.

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School Supplies

Knock Knock Notepad Daily Planner

Need something that will keep your kid on top of their schoolwork? This notepad has a section for every day’s to-do list. But, just in case that doesn’t work, we recommend some extra nagging.

Yoobi Mini Highlighters

What student doesn’t love highlighters? They’re fun, colorful, and make reading and studying a lot more fun. So, how do you top that? Make mini highlighters! Everything is cuter in a mini version, right?

Marble, Marble, Marble

Marble notebooks. Marble pens. Marble phone cases. Marble everything. Marble is popping up everywhere, and we love it! And we bet your kids (more specifically daughters) will too.

Planet Box Shuttle Lunchbox

A new lunchbox is a necessity every year, and this year earth friendly lunch boxes are making their way to the top of the must-have list. These fun and spacious lunch containers have plenty of room for all the snacks. Additionally, each box comes with a fun, free magnet, so be sure to include your kids in the magnet decision.

Emoji School Supplies

If you were an emoji, which one would you be? More importantly, which one would your child be? You better ask them because emoji themed school supplies are in right now. From pencil erasers to notepads to folders and more, the options, or should we say faces, are endless.

Name Bubbles Labels

Don’t forget to label, well, EVERYTHING! Personalized name labels for school keep backpacks, lunchboxes, water bottles and all those supplies and gear coming home all year long.

Helpful Hint: Sports are starting as well, so don’t forget to label uniforms, gear and equipment, too!

For a few more fun back-to-school supplies, take a peek at this slideshow.

With only a few weeks left of summer, it’s time to get a start on the back-to-school shopping. Keep an eye out for more summer sales and let Stackry make shipping overseas super simple.

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