2017 Best Gaming Consoles

30 mai 2017

What’s better than a great game? Having the best gaming console on the block. Here is your guide to the best for 2017:


Nintendo Switch

Digital Trends says The Nintendo Switch is a “hybrid” console that can be used at home on a TV, and also as a portable console similar to Nintendo’s Game Boy and DS lines. Players can change between the console’s home and portable configurations on the fly, too, hence the name “Switch.” Transitioning between these modes is remarkably simple, and the most you have to do for the Switch to register a screen change is press the L and R buttons simultaneously. Simply placing the Switch into its dock will turn the console on, and the default settings even allow the Switch to automatically turn on your TV.

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Sony Playstation 4

cNET says Closing in on 50 million units sold, it’s safe to say Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been a huge success, significantly outpacing its closest competition, Microsoft’s Xbox One.

But just three years since its debut, Sony has released a hardware step-up model of the PS4, aptly called the PlayStation 4 Pro. As you can guess by the name, this isn’t the PlayStation 5. It’s fully compatible with all of the existing games, apps and nearly all the PS4 accessories currently on the market (or in your personal collection). But the PS4 Pro promises to deliver better, smoother graphics than its predecessor. For console gamers who have always looked with envy upon a $3,000-plus PC gaming rig with daisy-chained video cards running games at super-high resolutions, it’s certainly a compelling upsell.

Where to buy? GameStop has all your Sony Playstation console and gaming accessories in one easy to shop spot.


xBox Scorpio
You’ll have to wait until the holidays to buy this  – but we’ve got the details for you from PCAdvisor:

While there’s no solid release date just yet, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has hinted that it will be with us by Christmas 2017 (or “Holiday 2017” as our US counterparts call it) when explaining why the company decided to announce the project so early. Then, in February, Microsoft announced an event that’ll take place on Sunday June 11 at 2pm PT (10pm in the UK) where it’s likely that we’ll get our first look at the finished Xbox One Scorpio, including the final name, form factor, price, and release date.

The draw?

  • The most powerful console ever, with 6 teraflops of graphical processing power.
  • The first and only console to enable true 4K gaming and hi-fidelity VR.
  • Compatible with all your Xbox One games and accessories.


Where to buy? You’ll have to wait and see! But a pre-order page for the console has appeared on Amazon.com and lists a « Holiday 2017 » release window.


Nvidia Shield

TechRadar calls the Nvidia Shield the “perfect addition to your audiovisual arsenal.” Here’s why:

There’s plenty to appreciate about the new Nvidia Shield. But out of everything – the 40% reduction in overall size, the integration of Google Assistant, the addition of Amazon Instant Video for the first time on Android TV – the best changes are the ones that happened to the streaming video box’s operating system, Android TV. 

It’s far and away better than it was when the gaming-centric streaming box first came out close to two years ago. A greatly improved universal search function on top of a larger selection of apps on top of Google Home and Assistant integration have finally empowered Nvidia’s hardware to really shine.

…it’s one of the most powerful streaming video players on the planet – one that can double as a gaming console, and triple as the center of your smart home. It has the power to stream your favorite shows like Amazon Fire TV or any one of the Roku players, but with the added perk of being able to play Android TV and some PC-quality games via GeForce Now.

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