Limits of Liability

Limits of Liability

Why is it important to declare the description and price of the items inside of my packages correctly?

  • Stackry allows you to input the description of the items that are inside of each package and the amount paid for those items.
  • This information is very important and is used for two reasons. In all cases, the description and price that you input must match what you paid for the items in each package.
    • The description and price listed for items are used to determine the duties and taxes that will be due when the shipment enters customs in your country.
    • The description and price listed for items are also used to determine the maximum liability for those items if they are lost and/or damaged. For certain shipping providers Stackry offers added insurance that is based on this price.

Package declaration and Shipment Value Protection - are they related?

  • If you wish to purchase Shipment Value Protection for your packages, the value listed for each package will be used to determine the maximum liability for Stackry and its shipping providers.
  • Stackry charges $2.00 per $100 of declared value with a minimum charge of $4.00.
  • If you do not wish to purchase Shipment Value Protection then all packages are automatically covered for up to $100 USD.
  • If Shipment Value Protection is not selected, Stackry and its shipping providers' liability will be limited to this $100 value.

Are there any items or carriers that are not covered by or limited in coverage by Shipment Value Protection?

  • Stackry limits the amount that can be paid in lost and damage claims for certain items. The maximum value that can be claimed for these items is limited to $1000 USD:
    • Artwork
    • Jewelry
    • Collectors' items
  • In all cases, you must identify all packages as “Fragile” or “Extremely Fragile” and request adding extra bubble wrap and a fragile sticker to the identified shipments upon order from Strackry to be able to claim any liability for damage to shipped items.
  • The following items are not eligible for claims regardless of Shipment Value Protection:
    • Pottery and glassware NOT received in fully enclosed original manufacturer packaging.
    • Candles, glassware, pottery, and other fragile items that do not go through a repackaging process with “Extremely Fragile” packing requested.
    • Fragile food items that are not received in hard outer casings ex. Potato chips, crackers, etc.
  • Stackry does not offer Shipment Value Protection for certain carriers, which are listed below:
    • DHL Global Mail
    • USPS

If your package is missing or damaged you must contact our claims department by emailing [email protected]

Our carriers require claims to be filed within the following timeframes:

  • FedEx claims must be filed within 21 days of the delivery date.
  • DHL Express claims must be filed within 30 days of ship date.
  • DHL Global Mail Direct claims must be filed within 90 days of ship date.
  • Claims filed outside of these timeframes cannot be accepted.

Shipments not eligible for claims with Stackry:

  • Packages held/disposed/confiscated by customs for failure to provide requested information.
  • Packages held/disposed/confiscated by customs due to improper declaration.
  • Packages confiscated by customs due to restricted items.
  • Packages abandoned by the carrier for failure of the customer to reply to carrier inquiries.
  • Packages reported as missing or damaged outside of the timeframes listed above.

If filing a Damaged Package claim you must send us:

  • Photos of the outside of the box
  • Photos of inner packaging
  • Photos of damaged items
  • Retailer invoice showing value paid for each damaged items

If filing a Missing Package claim you must send us:

  • Retailer invoice showing value paid for each of the missing items