World’s Television Day


We have an interesting event to write about this week. We all have our special day - birthday, but believe it or not, television has it too! Since the 21st November is the World’s Television Day, all of you who love this amazing discovery should read this blog. Of course we've saved one interesting product, just to tickle your imagination.

TV is a device that has marked the 20th century. The history of television records the work of numerous engineers and inventors in several countries over many decades. Today it is one of the main windows to the world (besides Internet).  It has gone a long way to become what it is today - from black and white to colored, from cumbersome to thin, with or without the antennna.


For this special occasion, we decided to present Sony Bravia, which offers you an amazing TV experience. 


If you own a modern Sony Bravia, take a look at this gadget which will make a communication system of the 21st century easier. 


Skype camera


Sony Camera for Skype will turn your BRAVIA into the communication machine. Talk to your beloved people on the big screen. The picture is sharp and the sound is great. It feels like someone is in the same room with you, even when you're miles away.


The design fits the beauty of your TV and unlike skypeing trough computer, microphones and cameras will follow you everywhere around the room.


You wonder how to get this product if you live outside the U.S.? Simply register with us and we will assign to you a virtual U.S. address. After purchasing online, send it to us and we will forward the goods to your home address. 


Love from

Stackry team!