Winter Sports

Another winter is upon us!

To enjoy winter and still be healthy, you should be well equipped for the harsh winter. Some of you love spending weekends at ski resorts and that’s a real adventure! But you need good equipment, which will make your stay in a mountain landscape a memorable one.

If you are a snowboard lover, this is the right blog post for you! The development of snowboarding was inspired by skateboarding, sledding, surfing and skiing. It was developed in the United States in the 1960s and became a Winter Olympic Sport in 1998.

We suppose that you already have your favorite outfit for boarding, but Stackry has found the real deal - you will love Bean Snowboards. If you want to be different, this is your best choice! Bean Snowboards are Boston’s high-quality snowboards, handmade from locally sourced materials. They’ve spent seven years proving that the board doesn’t have to be made in a huge factory to have a great quality.

Winter sports

People who ride their boards already know the feeling of adrenalin rush, but when you ride the board for the first time you will see that Bean Snowboards can compare to those made by much larger competitors.

We’ve mentioned that all of the garments are made by hand, so each piece is unique. They are all printed by hand and that’s one more way to see the hard work they’ve been investing in production. This T-shirt is a nice example of handmade item.   

Boards are their passion, so take a look at these interesting offers. High quality for very good prices!

At Bean Snowboards they believe that there is still a place in snowboarding for small independent brands. Prepare yourself for winter and spend some quality winter time. Enjoy winter sports with the best chosen gear! Stackry is here to deliver chosen items to you, just register with us for free! If you don’t know the procedure of shipping, you can find easy tutorials on Stackry web site.  Stackry also gives you 10% discount on every shipment, until December 31st!

Love from
Stackry team!