What Does "Made in USA" Mean?

Just because it has flag on it, it doesn’t mean it’s American made! What does it mean to be “Made in USA?” According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), “Made in USA” means that “all or virtually all” product has been made in the United States. You may not know, but new research shows that label “Made in the USA" really matters to shoppers!

“Made in USA” on a box does not always mean the same thing. Some companies, for example, have their Research & Development in another country where the majority of the “office” work is not done. It doesn’t affect a product to use the “Made in USA” label.  So, it is legal for a company to label a product “Made in America” even when components are from other countries - but not any! Only Mexico and Canada are included, because they have domestic products.


Currently, “Made in USA label can be found on packaging and websites of many companies. For instance, if you are looking for a shop with a very long tradition, try Round-house, they have amazing 105 years long history!  On the other hand, there’s modern, but quality outwear also made in the US. If you are a bag lover, here are some cute bags and jewelry direct from the US manufacturers. Whether you’re preparing for upcoming cold winter days or just for a weekend road trip, there are various products with Made in the US mark on it that you can find quite useful. 


Being certified as virtually 100% USA made provides that additional level of comfort knowing that your products are truly safe. Now it’s time to consider your shipping options. We are here to offer you safe, fast and cheap shipping of items from the US. Pay attention and buy only from retailers who point out the country of origin. Don’t guess, seek out sources! After choosing retailers, you should definitely use our consolidation program to save more money.


We hope this was useful and we are looking forward to your new shipments! 


Stackry team