USA Retailers Get a Jump on Black Friday, Post Deep Discounts

Have you ever wondered why american retailers call the Friday after Thanksgiving Black Friday? The December shopping season is the busiest time for American retailers and it is traditionally when they start making all their profits for the year. In the U.S., accounting terms going into the black means profit, while being in the red means a loss. Black Friday is the start of the season when American retailers start to make a profit. This also means it is the best time of year to deals in the USA to buy all your favorite electronics, clothing and jewelry?

The biggest shopping season in the USA traditionally kicks off on Black Friday. Retailers open up early, offer “door buster” deals for early shoppers and generally flood shoppers with sales that are not often seen at other times in the year (more on this next week).

However, retailers are now pushing beyond the Thanksgiving holiday and giving luxury shoppers additional time to fill their shopping carts with discounted merchandise. Top retailers are extending the holiday shopping season and Stackry international clients can take advantage of these deals, filling their personalized Stackry suite with lots of items to be consolidated at a great cost savings and have the items shipped internationally easily to you in no time!

For electronics, Stackry customers are finding great deals at Amazon and Walmart. For instance, Amazon has deep discounts on the Samsung NX300 digital cameras and the new IPad Mini with retina display.. At Walmart, shoppers will find new discounts on LG HGTV’s and on premium video games. We have many customers looking for the Xbox one and Sony PS4 in time for the holiday.

On the clothing front, American Eagle, Kohl’s and Nordstrom have all listed many clothing items at the lowest prices of the season. Stackry customers can get an extra coat, an extra pair of jeans and couple more blouses to fill out their wardrobe.

With free storage for up to 45 days with Stackry, shoppers have more than a month to collect lots of purchases to send home. When these shoppers consolidate their USA purchases with Stackry, they get deep savings on their purchases and also save up to 80% by shipping their packages in one or two consolidated packages.

Stackry has the best dim weight calculation in the industry, no membership fees and low consolidation fees. We’ve designed our pricing to be simple and easy to understand. We want to save you money on your international package forwarding. Still not sure how much you’ll save at Stackry? Check out the updated shipment calculator and compare to any of our competitors.