The Ultimate Garmin's Forerunner Sport Watch!

This time we present a gadget that is so different from the competition and for sure will leave you breathless. 

We are talking about the Garmin Forerunner sport watch! Garmin Company is the prestigious American company that is number one producer in the world of GPS equipment. All the technical achievements of this house are in this small and practical gadget. So, let's call it the future of sports clock.

Garmin watch

You can use it when you run, swim or ride a bike. This handy gadget is like a personal trainer. All the time during the practice it follows your heart rate thanks to the most advanced heart rate monitor. Calculation of the mileage you've passed is not a problem as well, because the GPS unit tracks your every move. And the best of all is that you wear it around your arm, like an ordinary clock. You can also get into the water with no worry, because it is resistant to a depth of 50 m.

People who practice triathlon just adore this gadget! You just attach it to your bike and it tracks your calories, follows your movement via GPS technology and that way you can compare your time with an average and share it with your friends over the internet.

One of the benefits is that the alarm notifies you if you have to eat or drink, also if you've gone too far with the training or if you are getting left behind. 

If you would love to have this kind of superior sports equipment, please visit our site, register for free and see how we can help you. After purchasing, Stackry will take care that this pretty boy comes packaged at your doorstep.

Let the games begin! Ready, Set, GO!

Love from,
Stackry team!