Total Paintball Gear for You!

If you wonder which one is the world's most exciting outdoor sport, there’s no doubt! It’s paintball!

Unlike other extreme sports as mountain climbing, car racing, sky diving, paintball is the only extreme sport that gives you a high adrenaline rush without a risk of serious injury. It doesn’t require physical fitness and has no barriers for gender, strength, or age. The sport encourages youth and adults, men and women to play together in teams. 


Paintball is not just about fun, it also has huge impact on your health. Playing paintball lowers aggression and stress and it is an escape from the boring daily routine. 


However, like any other sport, the possibility of injury is always there. Both in Indoor and outdoor arenas, you are exposed to many things that can hurt you. That’s why you must have a proper gear, like this chest protector or Paintball Vest


Paintball gear


If you are a professional, you will understand why the gear we suggest is so important. In case that you are planning to play recreationally, with your friends, you will also need to have basic safety equipment. 


Stackry will deliver all items to you, but there’s one exception. Anything that is classified under arms, like rifles and pistols, can’t be shipped. Those are prohibited items and by the terms and conditions they are not allowed to be shipped. Since paintball is a complex game, there’s plenty of other gear you’ll need and that you can order from USA online stores. Register, try Stackry’s consolidation program, shop more products and save money!


Stay in shape and try out this dynamic modern chivalry between two warring sides.


Love from,
Stackry’s team!