Tips and Deals for Plus Size Lady's Clothing

Plus size jacket

The general opinion is that fashion is made for slim women. So not true! Plus size women could also look very fashionable and attractive. Finding the right clothes for your body type isn’t easy as it seems, but if you find this challenging, we have some useful advices for you.  

If you ask men, most of them prefer to see curvy and feminine look. They know that a beauty of women lies in her manners and her nature. We offer you small tricks that can help you boost your confidence and transform you into stylish diva.


- By wearing outfits with vertical lines, you will look slimmer and taller visually;


- The V-neck blouses create an image of longer neck. Keep your neckline open, so that your face stands out;


- Wear leggings, not just because they’re very comfortable, but also combined with a tunic you can look elegant and feel good at the same time;


- Find the perfect accessories that fit your age and your lifestyle. A smart chosen belt can do wonders;


- When it comes to jeans, straight cut jeans give a continuous line and makes the body look slimmer;


- Make the right body shape with the A-line skirt. Choose longer A-line skirt, because they will make you look taller;


- You should choose lightweight materials, because heavier materials makes one appear larger. 


 - The recommendation is to highlight your best assets.

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Love from Stackry team!