ThinkPad 5 Days of Savings Sale

Did you think about getting yourself a brand new ThinkPad laptop by Lenovo?

If so, this is the right time. Lenovo launched a campaign of 5 days sale, which lasts until Wednesday, May 23th.

If you are into boxy black design then Lenovo ThinkPad is the right thing for you! Lenovo laptops are the best business laptops in the global market, and in the next few days you can have one for a significantly lower price. Following this link, you can see the offers by yourself.

Current offer gives you free shipping to USA in the next 2 days and 20% off on the all accessories. All the systems offered are meeting the latest IT standards and you can choose your ThinkPad by its performances.

We consider that models T430 and T530 are best buys and you can have them in the following price range: $494.10 - $539.10.

Lenovo ThinkPads E430 and E 530

Besides these two models you can also manage to save yourself a lot of money and get any ThinkPad from the W series which are often referred to as "mobile workstations". We are suggesting W520 with an amazing screen resolution 1920x1080. W520 offers blistering performance that should satisfy the most demanding user and businesses. 

We would also like to recommend that you see into this particular offer as well - ThinkPad X220. This ThinkPad is praised for its battery life, performance, low weight, display, keyboard and significantly improved temperature control. 

Lenovo ThinkPads W520 and X220

By giving you brand new information on where and how to shop, we also deliver the goods to your doorstep!

Your Stackry Team.