Take a Look at the NOOK!

There are a lot of e-book readers on the market. We are presenting the one that is worth your attention. It is the Nook - digital reader that gives unique reading experience! 

NOOK is an excellent choice to make, if you are searching for something more than just a book reading device!




Why is this reader different than the other ones?


Made by Barnes & Noble it is a great device for your entire family! You can choose over 2.5 million books and you will always have something to read. It also allows you to download interactive books for children to read and enjoy. 


NOOK has anti-glare screen, so it gives you a feeling like you are reading a regular book! Anti-glare also provides optimal outdoor reading. The latest technology makes it ideal for reading in unenlightened places, as well. 


With so much to do on NOOK Tablet, it's hard to put it down. So Barnes & Noble made sure it has extra-long battery life. Batteries last for over a month, and they are easy rechargeable via USB. Nook also has WiFi, it is ultra-light and thus quite portable. 


This is just a part of the NOOK story! Ship it with Stackry and find out more about this amazing device.  For you who don't know how to ship via Stackry, click here and follow a few stepps to become our member, it is free of charge. 


Love from,
Stackry team!