Start Dancing!

When you hear some good music, your body immediately starts to move. It's dancing, right? Yes, but there's much more to dance than just grooving to your favorite music. There are many kinds of dance and many reasons for dancing. 

Since the eighties, when Paula Abdul and Madonna have popularized this form of stress relief, millions of girls have become fans of some form of dance, overnight. Today, some of the girls just keep their figure fit by dancing and for others, it's the way of life.

If you think that you are not a “dancing type’, you’re wrong! Every person is born with a unique structure, way of moving and with a different flexibility. Modern Dance is the most organic of all dances, because it works through our natural movements and our own individual energy, so anyone can try. On the other side, ballet is a very formal and strict type of performance dance. It maybe sounds difficult, but you really don't need to go on a diet especially if you are naturally thin. Work hard and do your best!

Dance equipment

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You will rule the dance floor! 

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