Stackry's Sophisticated Consolidation Program

Hoot hoot internet shoppers! 

It is important to us that we keep you well informed on current trends in online shopping in the USA  This includes the best offers, great sales, but also news about shipping costs.

Stackry analyzed all the disadvantages of online shopping in the USA and we made it easier for you. Our Consolidation program offers you the possibility to shop and store your items during the period of 45 days without any additional fee! The Stackry consolidation app is easy to use - all you have to do is drag an order into the “add” field and then drag another into the same shipment. These actions will make your items consolidated.  In order to use Stackry's many features you first need to sign up for an account

For example, if you order a Wii Black Console for the price $164.72, estimated shipping costs would be $144.72. If you add various items to this order, shipping will cost you less because Stackry personnel will stack all your orders into one box. Estimated shipping cost for your Wii Black Console, the Hunger Game Trilogy and Kindle WiFi will be $168.53 for the total price of the package $168.53. 

You can enjoy shopping in various USA stores and wait for the items to arrive at one place, we will pack it up into one box and send it out saving you a lot of money.   Consolidation for most items costs just $2.00 for each consolidated box, with a maximum of $10 for a total consolidation.  However, if you consolidate fragile items, there may be an additional cost.

Here's the video that shows how simple consolidation of your packages can be!

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