Stackry's Photo Feature

At Stackry we have been working hard during the whole summer! We have brought to you a referral model that allows you to save money if you recommend Stackry service to another person - and you don’t have to be a shipper yet! When your friends ship, you will get a $5 discount and these amounts are cumulative. And not only that - we have integrated Moneybookers (Skrill), a new method of payment.  

Besides that, we are glad to announce that we are ready to provide photos of your packages directly from our warehouse - from your virtual address. As soon as they arrive, on your request we can give you pictures of the packages that you ordered. This service is optional and here’s the pricing: $2 for one picture, $3 for 5 pictures and $5 for 10 pictures.

This new, photo feature will give you insights to your package and it will show you how carefully we are handling your orders.

Enjoy Stackry’s world of reliable service!

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