Stackry’s Consolidation Feature: A Perennial Customer Favorite

Everyone loves a shopping spree.  Everyone likes to get that stylish spring dress or that cutting edge tablet on sale.  Savvy shoppers around the Globe know that shopping online in the USA gives them both access to many exclusive stores and great prices too. 

Loyal Stackry customers have realized a great way to make their money go farther when they shop in the USA. When they want to shop fashions, technology and home goods and ship them to Australia, Saudi Arabia or anywhere else around the world, they often consolidate their items. These customers store their purchases at Stackry for a period of up to 45 days without any additional fee! When they are ready, customers log into their free shipping account and direct Stackry to consolidate and ship their items.

Stackry’s consolidation feature combines leading edge technology, a straightforward online interface, and perhaps most importantly, a way for you to save money on multiple online USA purchases.   If you  are unfamiliar with consolidation, read ahead for a recent consolidated package which shows how this process works great for the whole family.

A consolidated package forwarded to a family in Kuwait included:

  • for Mom: three dresses from Macy’s, matching shoes from Nordstrom and a handbag from Neiman Marcus;

  • for her son: Xbox games from Best Buy;

  • for her daughter: a pair of jeans and a stylish top from Abercrombie; and

  • for Dad: an Apple Mini tablet  

If these packages were forwarded separately, the cost could have been very high  Consolidation saved this family almost 80% on their USA purchases forwarded to Kuwait.  

Package consolidation gives customers access to the widest selection of retailers, the convenience of tracking one shipment overseas and the best value in the package forwarding industry.

How do our customers feel about consolidating their packages?  A recent note from Agustina in Argentina sums up how some customers feel:  “Stackry, your consolidation?  Bravo!”

So, as you can see, consolidation of USA packages with Stackry and shopping USA online sales is a recipe for great shopping success.  Consolidation for most items costs just $2.00 for each consolidated box, with a maximum of $10 for a total consolidation.  However, if you consolidate fragile items, there may be an additional cost.

Have you signed up for your free Stackry account?  Now is the best time to get a free account, shop USA sales and consolidate those purchases and have them sent along to your home!  Sign up today!