Shoppers in Europe Just Love Stacky's Package Forwarding Service!

We're back with more testimonials from loyal customers throughout the world.  We often receive words of thanks from worldwide shoppers who shop USA stores and forward packages to their home.

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We just love hearing how well we are doing at forwarding your packages to Europe.  We have decided to share just a few of our favorites below:

Happy Stackry Customers


Best service I have seen for getting access to US shops and getting my Ski Gear shipped to me.  It’s been super easy and twice I have used Stackry discounts to make it even more affordable.

-- Carl


When customs held my item for 24 hours because of a shipper documentation error, Stackry contacted people in Switzerland to expedite the delivery.  The next day, the box was released and the personalized gifts arrived in time for a birthday celebration.

-- Nathan


My wife recently decided to decorate part of the home with a movie theme from Hollywood movies.  How are we going to get items purchased in the USA delivered to Europe, I asked?  She then tells me that she heard about Stackry at work from a group of girls who shop together and split the pricing.  They buy as a group, use Stackry’s consolidation feature and split the costs of shipping.  So, now, my wife has joined up with the ladies and the costs of shipping is minimal.

-- Jules

Shop USA stores and ship to the Euopean Union

Recently purchased a coffee press, and some spring dresses from top US Brands online.  Stackry got these items to my home in Naples within a week.  I never knew such package forwarding service existed.

-- Davide


We have found Stackry to be very convenient for our trips to the USA.  Instead of lugging purchases around in taxis and on airliners, we provide stores with our Stackry address, have items shipped to our personalized USA address and manage it via the computer.  Sometimes, our gifts and clothes we’ve purchased arrive home before we do!!!

-- Lucy
United Kingdom


On a recent trip to the East Coast of the USA, my kids fell in love with the stores for clothing, toys and the like.  I promised if they did well with their chores and at school, we’d purchase some special things and have them shipped to us.  Well, they thought that was great!  Stackry helped me keep my promise to the kids.  Thanks Stackry!

-- Brendan


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