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Stackry makes it is easy to shop your favorite USA stores from Netherlands

Why ship with Stackry

  1. Stackry has many happy customers from all over Netherlands  who are satisfied with our excellent customer service, convenience and pricing
  2. Over 30 years experience shipping globally means we can provide you with the confidence your package will arrive safely
  3. Sophisticated package consolidation technology that gives you the power to combine shipments from different stores into one box for final shipment to your home at even great savings
  4. Long established relationships with DHL, FedEx and the USPS
  5. Opportunities for savings on shipping internationally

How easy is it to forward your USA packages?

It is now easier than ever to shop all the top stores in the USA from the Netherlands.  Stackry has seen serving more customers from the Netherlands every month and forwarding packages from Best Buy, Apple, Hollister, Levi’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Disney Store, Ebay, Target, Walmart, Amazon and more.Netherlands Windmill

We provide customers with a free, personalized mailing address in the USA where you can store your purchases securely for up to 45 days free of charge. This allows you to shop a variety of stores in the USA  and consolidate your purchases in a single box before the package is forwarded to your home in the Netherlands.  If you want to see how this works, please watch our video on how to use stackry to ship internationally

Recently, we've shipped packages to USA ExPats now residing in the France.  These ExPats often shop USA stores for their old favorites and have them consolidated into a single package and have the packages sent to Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and more.Register Now

In addition, we've seen an increase in shipping from multi-national executives who like to shop USA stores while in the USA on business and have them shipped to their Stackry USA address.  Some of these executives then log in to their Stackry account and have their packages sent to their homes all over the Netherlands.  Sometimes, their packages make it home before their business trip is over!

Whether you are a business executive from Amsterdam, an ExPat in Utrecht, or a study abroad student from Leiden University, Stackry provides you with the easy and cost efficient way to shop your favorite USA stores.

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