Shop in the USA

Savvy shoppers from all around the world love to buy products in the USA

According to a recent study by PayPal, global consumers shop in the USA to find better prices and to access products that they wouldn't be able to find in their own country. Top reasons for shopping in the USA:

  • Better Prices (76%)
  • Access to items not available in my home country (65%)
  • I can discover new and interesting products (59%)
  • Websites in the US have more variety / availability of different products and styles (52%)
  • Shipping is more affordable (50%)
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What Stackry provides you

  • US based address (locker) for receipt of packages
  • Free of sales tax
  • No membership fees
  • 45 days of free storage
  • Package consolidation to save up to 80% on shipping costs
  • Express Discounted Shipping to over 200 countries
  • Personal Shopping Service

How to ship your packages to Stackry