Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Let us introduce you a completely new device, which brings a new tactile touch to the application usage – Tablet! Smaller than a laptop and bigger than a Smartphone, tablet is perfect to take with you wherever you go. It is well designed, easy to grip and gives you a natural feeling in your hands.

Main difference between laptops or notebooks and tablets are in mobility and lightness. Tablets are 5 to 6 times lighter! But there is one basic difference. You can’t run high end games and pro applications on tablets. On the other hand, they can be your mobile office, which is very useful!

Despite the fact that they don’t have a keyboard (though there are some models that have it), you can use them easily with your fingers! Also the battery lasts much longer then on the regular laptop or notebook and there are a lot of touchpad applications that can ease up everyday business. 

Now that you’ve seen all the advantages of having a tablet, take a look at this special deal we found for you!

It is Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 based on NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor! It has 1 GB Memory, and it is equipped with 32 GB Storage. It operates on Android 3.1 also known as Honeycomb.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Why we chose this particular tablet?    

The choice is obvious. It is rated as the one of top tablets from Samsung, the world’s largest electronics manufacturer.

The choice of application is unlimited via android Playstore. It is optimized with Gmail and Google Maps, as well.

Video chat is supported with two built in cameras. Samsung gives video chat clients QIK and Fring, which helps you to keep in touch with others over a Wi-Fi connection.

It supports Adobe Flash Player 10.3 so it is fast and furious on any web game and web content.

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