Run Free With Bikila Running Shoes!

You’ve probably seen people in parks running in some funny shoes on their feet. Well, they might look funny at the first sight, but they play a major role in proper running!

Vibram is a company that produced these particular running shoes! Bikila running shoes are the first toe shoe designed specifically for running. It is a model designed specifically to promote natural, healthy and more efficient forefoot strike. The Bikila is the model that was created exclusively for a more natural running experience.


Bikila running shoes


The Vibram FiveFingers Bikila are a great choice for a runner who wants a cross between normal running shoes and FiveFingers barefoot shoes. It has unique lace system and a tongue, that allows you to adjust the fit of the shoe. The cover and the specially designed sole offers a good protection and you can run up to 15km with those!


They are just amazing! Five fingered shoes are almost weightless. Despite that, you can run on all types of surfaces in these shoes without a trouble. You will not need socks for these shoes, as long as you have a proper fit. As they are often worn without socks, very important feature is that you can wash them in your washing machine! 


FiveFingers does a lot of things better than closed toe shoes! For example, closed shoes don’t have enough toe space for your toes to spread out and it may cause problems at some point. With them, you can walk as naturally as you can by wearing a shoe. 

The Bikila’s are by far the most enjoyable Vibram model to run in!


If you are a passionate runner, or you are planning to become one, now it’s the right time to order FiveFingers! Stackry is here to follow every step you take and make it easier for you. Find out how we work and how to save money on shipping with us. Register with Stackry and enjoy the benefits of running!


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