Playful I Cubot

You haven’t seen anything like this yet! Isaac Asimov who writes the novels about the robots, would be proud of this product. We found a robot that plays game, music and makes the light show by itself! The best of all is that he is now available to everyone.

The I Cubot Company mainly deals with scientific research and development of software, but this time they presented something completely different - musical robot that will blow your mind. The I Cubot is actually a Bluetooth digital media player, but it is the only one who plays, sings and tumbled over the floor.


I Cubot


The heart of the system is a powerful Yamaha audio system surrounded by a bunch of servo motors and the chip that runs it. It supports all music formats that you could imagine and it can play over 10 hours. It comes with the PC software and over a USB port you can make the choreography to your favorite song. 


There are also remote control and an internal memory of about 4 GB. With the Bluetooth you can connect it with an iPad or android phone.


If you are a fan of the high tech gadgets, this could be an ideal gift for the upcoming holidays! Stackry is here to ease your job by shipping it directly to your home! You just need to register at Stackry’s website and see how to ship this little gadget. 


Love from
Stackry Team!