PB Teen's Cool Gadgets

We have wrote about Pottery Barn in earlier blog posts and since then our shipping orders have increased! It is only natural that you find these items interesting because they have extremely unique and specific style when it comes to products themself. 

This time we chose PB teen. Browsing items on their web site, you can create every teens “dream come true” room! You don’t have to redecorate the whole room, just by adding some little details it will turn out completely different. 

Once you check out the site, you’ll become an addict! There are plenty of unique and modern details to combine with your home syle. Starting from decorating your bedroom and bathroom with a lot of accessories, to the new arrivals for forthcoming school year and cool gifts for your friends! We singled out gadgets that you can hardly find anywhere else. Take a look!

Mini cooler and pink camera

We love this Diana Mini, sweet and charming rosy pink camera! It is a small and convenient film camera that offers an excellent range of photographic possibility. So, get your dreamy photos in all light, day and night.

Somewhere between a camping cooler and a mobile mini fridge comes this colored mini cooler. It’s perfect for daily trips.

Cool gadgets

Start your day with your favorite playlist playing on this cute alarm clock. Continue it the same way with this portable stylish messenger bag! That’s not all! There’s one more gadget that we’ve found – it’s funny Electro man who controls all yours gadgets!

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Enjoy shopping!

Love from Stackry team!