The One and Only - Levi's Jeans!

What else can be worn by presidents and construction workers, supermodels and soccer moms? No other but DENIM! You must admit - denim is everybody’s second skin!

America certainly seems to have a love affair with denim! The original denim products were manufactured in the US, as pants that were formed fabric for miner workers. As jeans become more of a fashion statement, rather than worn as protection the textile industry found new ways to process the fabric with more comfort and style. Denim is for sure, garment that completes any wardrobe!

And who do we first think about when we say denim? It’s the father himself – Levi Strauss!

Levi's jeans have grown up with America and we have grown up with Levi's jeans! In 1873 they started a tradition and today it continues by creating great fashion jeans with an emphasis on style and quality.

If you like slim jeans these Skinny Slackers are just the thing. Skinny jeans have had a big comeback like many trends from the '80s and they are very popular!

Skinny Slackers Jeans

Girls, looking good isn’t all about size or shape of your body. Everyone can look good unrelated to their body type only by choosing the right clothes. Take a look at these different types of pants we singled out. If you are curvy, skinny or have difference in proportion between waist, hips and seat, we assure you that you can find something that is right for you!

Different types of Levi's Jeans - Modern Demi Curve Skinny , Skinny and Curvy

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