October is a Great Month to Buy That Digital Camera

In the USA, the digital camera market is very active as North America heads into the Autumn season. Perennially, October is one of top months to purchase a new digital camera.
Experts tell us that manufacturers try to sell more of their existing models before the busy holiday shopping season in the USA.
Camera hobbyists find the alluring colors that greet them in Autumn the perfect time to get a new camera. Dedicated camera professionals often look to augment their collection of cameras and lenses. All of these shoppers often check their favorite camera stores and general merchandisers for the best deals on point and shoot, sport and DSLR cameras.
At Stackry, we see many digital cameras shipped to customers' personalized lockers during October and November.  Our smartest customers often consolidate packages of cameras, smartphones, jeans and other fall fashions to save even more money.
Camera analysts often choose often recommend the Canon PowerShot series or the Nikon CoolPix series of cameras for the point and shoot camera category.  Recent favorite models are the Canon PowerShot G15 and the Nikon Coolpix P510.  Both of these cameras offer the hobbyist most of today's cutting edge features. GoPro just released the new Hero 3 line of cameras which are smaller and faster than previous versions.  One of the most interesting new cameras we have seen reviewed this fall is the Sony Cyber-shot QX10. It is basiclaly a lens that you control with you smartphone using WIFI so you can place the lens in a variety of places for shots you didn't think where possible.
Professional's still lean towards Nikon and Canon for their high end cameras and equipment as well.
Stackry customers have told us that they enjoy shopping for cameras, lenses and accessories at B&H Photo, Adorama, Hunt's Photo and Video, Calumet Photo and general retailers, Best Buy and Amazon.
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