Not Just Regular Headphones – They are Monster Diddy!

From the man who represents culture, high fashion and music, come the headphones like no other – Dr Dre’s Diddybeats! Cable manufacturer Monster, in cooperation with one of the the biggest name in music industry Dr Dre himself, made The Monster Diddy Beats High Performance Headphones! They are the latest must-have tech accessory!

We recommend these to everyone who enjoys music and want to get the most out of a pair of headphones.

The first thing you'll notice upon extracting the Diddybeats from their Monster packaging is that they're very well-constructed. They are made of high end aluminum and have gloss coating for long lasting usage. They came in plush protective case, which give them long lasting life.

Dr Dre's Diddybeats

Designed by Dr Dre, they are currently top of the class earphones for your iPod or android phone. They'll bring the beat to your ears the way the artist intended for you to hear it.

It’s all about sound clear and smooth. Monster Diddy has it all!

These earphones have hands free built in it for incoming calls and Skype chat, so you can communicate even when you are on the move. Also, high performance sound is one of the best in the class with its clarity of sound and power of bass.

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