News from Stackry - Featured Products and Referrals

Hoot hoot online shoppers, 

Stackry has a lot of surprises for you this summer!

We thought of a way to make your shopping easier by finding and presenting interesting products. Visiting Stackry’s web site along side with the blog, which is also informational, you will find Featured products tab that will show you a wide range of items that you can explore. You can use featured products as a starting point for your future purchases and you can discover some cool new shopping sites. On featured products page you will find a wide range of items: technology gadgets, sports equipment and apparel. Browse, explore, click, buy and ship - all on Stackry's web site!

Featured products

By recommending Stackry service to your friends and family you are doing them a favor and you are also granted with a discount! Here’s how our referral system works. If you are satisfied with the service that Stackry provides and would like to spread the word about it you can simply invite your friends and get a $5 discount when a friend of yours performs his first shipment! You should note that discounts are cumulative. What’s in it for your friend? Well, he also gets the same amount of cumulative discount! By recommending Stackry you get the same quality of service for a lower price and you can include your friends in your network.

Referral system

Stay tuned for even more discounts!

Love from Stackry team