News from Stackry - Affiliate Feature and Holiday Discounts

At Stackry, we love innovations! That is why we pay attention to each segment and detail of our services. 

This time, we bring you Affiliate Feature and Holiday Discounts.

Affiliate feature is for all of you who are interested in promoting Stackry on your websites. Stackry gets a space for its banners and you get a commission fee on each shipment that is generated from your site. Except commission fee (that is 2% of total shipment cost), you will add value to your site being Stackry’s affiliate! 

Since the season of holidays is starting, we have prepared Holiday discounts! Beginning from November 26th until the end of the year, we will give you 10% off on each shipment! 

And that is not all! We have increased our referral bonus from $5 to $10, meaning that now when you invite friends and one of them ships each person gets a $10 discount on next shipment. 

Wishing you happy holidays,

Stackry team