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Let us tell you a little more about the history of jerseys. Teams in the NBA seem to change their jersey styles more than teams in any other sport. Throughout NBA history, teams have been dressed in some extremely interesting uniforms. For example, some used to have images like dinosaurs, rocket ships, mountains and flaming horse heads. In the 1950s, satin shorts with belts and uniforms with simple design were usual gear.  

Some teams, like the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls have worn the same jerseys for years, while others, like the Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz, have switched up their styles quite often.

If you are curious about today’s the most popular NBA jerseys, look what we’ve found! In April 2012 NBA released its first-ever overall international top selling jerseys list. Here are the top three.  

The most popular is definitely Kobe Bryant, who plays for Los Angeles Lakers. The second one is Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls. The third place belongs to LeBron James, Miami Heat.

NBA Top three Jerseys

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